This Week’s Events: Bonus Weekend & Photography Contest + Last Weeks Update’s

Bonus Weekend Lasts Until Midnight on Sunday (CST)

During bonus week players can get one crates key per hour for a chance to win fortune picks, bottles o’ enchanting, lapis lazuli, and luck potions. Players also earn +15 bonus claim blocks an hour (making the total 50 blocks per hour!)

Stonewick Photography Contest

We are calling for players to take pictures of their best new friendships in a creative way! The best picture earns the following prizes:

– Stonewick Photographer Trophy (DecorativePlayerhead: Camera)
– Prizes Crate Key (Chance to win: Fishing Rod w/ Luck of the Sea III & Lure III, Enchanted Bow w/ Unbreaking III & Infinity, Pick Axe w/ Eff V Unb III & Mending, Silk Touch Book, 64 Leather, Wither Skull, 32 Iron Blocks, or Mending Book)
– 6 Sponge Blocks
– Ocelot Spawn Egg
– 32 Raw Fish
– Kiosk Upgrade to Market Stall (valued at 600 coins)
– 10 Emeralds (100 Coins)

Rules & Details Here

Server News & Updates

  • MoreFish has been removed to be reconfiged at a later time
  • PlayerTours have been dramatically altered, please do not open doors for new players.
  • We have a new whitelist application
  • 10 hour broadcast spam should stop
  • New pages for About & Donate
  • New spawn builds: auction house, sand quarry, and player head trade
  • New wiki pages –
  • New server commands /wiki /forum /dynmap /discord
  • New policy additions concerning claiming your areas & circumventing rules
  • AFK timer increased to 10 mins
  • 3 spawn plots being auctioned off starting at $25 at the Auction House
  • You can now buy claim blocks /buyclaimblocks – $1 per block

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