The Ender Dragon Cometh & Other Big Updates!

Weekly Updates

  • Community Center Expanded
  • Business Licences Added
  • Business Offices Added
  • Granny’s Bed & Breakfast Added
  • Waffle House Added
  • Tramp Rides!
  • Residential Home Plots at Spawn
  • NPC “Jobs” Added
  • New Shop Plots
  • Expanded the Mall
  • Expanded the Bank
  • Brewery Recipes Added
  • /back removed from Donor Rank
  • KeepInventory added to Donor Rank
  • Added “magic wall” around Spawn for Newbies
  • Added Black Market to Spawn
  • AFK time will be increased to 10 min. alert and 15 min kick

Important Notes

Removing Plugins – We will not be adding any more plugins to the server for a while. While it’s been fun, there have been issues we’ve been having with plugins that result in literally HOURS of troubleshooting for us. Each plugin interacts with the other in ways we can’t always predict. This means we will be pulling the plug on Hotels and MoreFish.

We really wanted Hotels to work. However, there were some glaring problems. The plugin wasn’t working the way we wanted to, charging people from 1 IRL day at minimum. We had planned to allow players to make their own Hotels. But, another issue we came into contact is that the Hotel plugin was allowing players to spawn in a tool that allowed them to move through walls. The options were to use our ticket system and create more work for us, or to remove the plugin.

We’ve decided to focus on QUALITY of the plugins we have and try to find more vanilla answers to what we’re wanting to do. 🙂

Business Licenses – You can visit the Community Center to apply for a business license. With it, you receive a free business office at spawn and the ability to have multiple shops.

Residential Plots – You can now build a home at spawn! Residential Plots are available right outside the train station! Put in a Support Ticket if you wish to purchase one.

Black Market – Our Black Market has rare and priceless items, some thing you can’t even get in game (special mounts and spawners). However, the Market prices are rather high. This is intentional. The Black Market also has a PvP fight pit as well. If you know where the Black Market is, please do not share the location to other players.

Ender Dragon Fight – September 30th @ 5 PM cst

There is a collections box in the Community Center, please donate bows, potions, arrows, gear, buckets, and food for those who are new who wish to participate.

Read up on how to kill the dragon before the fight here and here.

We will be using voice Discord!

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