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I got lost in the desert mesa trying to find some peace from the constant thunder & rain. It was peaceful, definitely, when you’re thinking that you’re going to either starve or die of thirst. Whichever came first. I couldn’t figure out which would be worst.


I’d been hungry before, but not like this. The walls of my stomach touching each other hurt like a twisting knife. I had plenty of rabbits around me, but I had no way of catching them. They’re fast. They dash away if you so much as look at


I’d been thirsty before, but definitely not like this. My tongue felt like it become cement and it, as well as my throat, felt as if I had at some point tried drinking sand. My head hurt as if I had been drinking in Dalgard and decided to make my way to Punxville after.


Just before I had decided to use my hands on a cactus to try and eat the meat from inside and devour whatever liquid it gave me (I previously couldn’t figure out how to break them down–kicking and sticks didn’t seem to work) I smelled salt air and heard the sound of waves crashing in the distance.


As much as I wanted to drink the water, I refrained–salt water was worse than no water, and I knew that. I did jump in to cool my burning skin, which helped a fair bit. After, I decided to walk in a direction to see if I could find a river or something flowing into the ocean so I could find good water to drink.


It didn’t take long when I found a village hugged by a flowing river. I was surprised–it was empty. All occupants gone, doors knocked down and no farm animals in sight. The farm had no clean water–the water for the carrots (which I greedily ate, the sound of the orange, sweet root hitting my stomach seemed to mock me, the pain of the sudden bulk in my stomach being almost too much to bear, but I kept eating) were swirled with plenty of mud, and with the eerie empty village, I didn’t want to chance sticking my hand into murky water. I drank my fill from the river once it became more fresh.


In the distance I saw trees, but I was suddenly tired and fell asleep in a house.


I woke up, who knows when, but it was still daylight. There was grit in my eyes from the sand flying around on the sea wind. I ate more carrots and drank more water, the carrots settling in my stomach a lot better than the previous day.


I hiked up the small mountain to the trees to find a gorgeous oasis. It was like it was just for me. Although I could have done without the constant moaning donkey, I was able to get my steak, sword, and buckets from my ender chest that was left there. I was able to warm up by the fire after a relaxing bath at the lip of the waterfall, sleep in a clean bedroll. I even had a book to read.


Because of this beautiful place, I was able to leave when I felt better and able with plenty of water and food. I’ve heard stories of places like this scattered across this one, since my return. I’m happy to say that I don’t intend to need these places, rather, I would just like to collect them in my memory.


New adventures, if you will.



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