Community Manager / Administrator

Jellyplz has experience building communities in deviantArt, World of Warcraft, Stardew Valley, Twitch, and Minecraft for over 10 years. She and Pointyy built Stonewick from the ground-up. Jelly handles day-to-day administrative operations as well as big picture weekly events and contests, website/forum/discord/social media management, and monthly events. Jelly’s vision of Stonewick is a place of whimsy that can provide adults with a magical server to create and foster friendships, led by professional staff with customer service in mind. Jelly enjoys painting/cartooning, writing, and cuddling her guinea pigs.

Server Operator / Administrator

Pointyy has been working in the technology industry for 10+ years and has previously worked at Microsoft and Sony. He is currently attending university to earn is BA in Software Engineering. Pointyy handles all technical issues on the server including server maintenance, plugin coding and configuration, and fulfilling support tickets. Pointyy enjoys sports (specifically football), fitness, and travel.

Helpers / Moderators

CapinBOMB  has been playing games for as long as she can remember. Minecraft was very different from what she was used to, but it eventually became one of her favorite games. She had her own vanilla server she owned for 2 years before finally calling it quits and settling down and helping other players in Stonewick. Capin works at a cardiac monitoring center and really enjoys it (even though Friday nights with ChewieBaka and jellyplz may say otherwise) and works there full time. Reading and writing keep her sane as well as the future prospect of one day having a lil corgi named Nug. Or Mondo, she can’t decide.

DrPhilsMustache is a husband, father of 3 girls, USMC Vet, unlicensed general contractor, self claimed expert at googlefu, and firm believer in Oxford commas. He intends to go to college, pursuing a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Software Engineering. He is one of the most active Helpers and loves to help the server and staff in every way possible. DRPHILSMUSTACHE enjoys: Magic the Gathering, Minecraft, League of Legends, and chatting with the lovely community on the Stonewick server.

AuxDemon is a joke cracking, dirt bike racing, competitive ruffian who has no boundaries. He’s been playing Minecraft for 6 years and enjoys the casual creative building side, as well as the rough and unpredictable player versus player side. Along with Minecraft, he also plays Destiny, Battlefield and racing games regularly. In his spare time he enjoys writing basketball centered lore and letting people know he’s the best.

Leafe has been a gamer since her mom bought the first Nintendo (gray box) for her brother. She transitioned to PC gaming when she moved to live with her big sister, and that’s when online games came into focus. First online game she played, Nexus TK is also where she met her husband. After moving from Sweden to America, in 2000, she and her husband have been playing online games together for years. She used to work with children in a daycare center, but for the last few years been helping her mother in law and other family members with general care.
She enjoys Stonewick very much, and is always willing to help anyone in need. She feels it’s important to make everyone feel welcome and included.
Other interests: reading, gaming, hanging out with family and movies

DrDaffodil or “Doc” has been playing Minecraft for 4+ years, but he’s only now getting good at it. He enjoys catching wild animals (and putting them back unharmed after a few photos), listening to metal, and waiting impatiently for warm weather. A surefire way to get on his good side is to talk to him about your favorite animal and why it’s a turtle. He is always friendly and patient and will help wherever possible.

SenorMintKiddo or one of the many other names he has been given, is a 21 year old currently living in east TN. He has lived all across the west coast, as well as in Michigan for 8 years most recently. When he isn’t on the fabulous Stonewick server, he enjoys playing other games such as PUBG, NeiR:Automta, COD zombies, as well as the assassins creed games. Some of the thing SMK enjoys doing outside of video games are longboarding, snowboarding, kayaking and disc golfing. He hopes to start college soon and will be studying mechanical engineering.

LuciTiger is not a big PC gamer, but she fell in love with Minecraft when her boyfriend introduced it to her in 2014. This is Luci’s first time playing on a SMP server, and she is delighted to finally have friends to share the game with her! You’ll usually find her puttering about her houses, doing interior design and making small and useless redstone devices. Luci is a Pennsylvania kid by birth, and a Seattleite by choice. She lives in the city with Mr Luci, two cats, and a geriatric pug/chihuahua mix. When she’s not playing on the Stonewick server, she is either cooking, being a cat mom, or making webcomics.

ChewieBaka is your average gamer and average person. He is a simple man with simple needs. He full of kindness and love with a giant heart of gold. Some might say he is just a giant teddy bear in disguise. He has been playing games for as long as he can remember. He was introduced to Minecraft since early Alpha, in the good ol’ days when Minecraft cost $5. He plays other games too like PUBG, LoL, and various others. By day, he is a gamer, dad, and loving husband. By night, he is a Psychiatric Technician working at a state hospital. You will find Chewie to be an awesome dude who is easy to talk to and super helpful.