Spend Your Christmas in THEBES & More Wonderful Updates

This Week’s News

  • Announcing our newest town: Thebes by LuciTiger!
  • Archery Contest Winners –  Special thanks to Cpnjacksparrow for hosting such an awesome archery tournament! We definitely need to have another one in the future. Congratulations to __Zig, our winner! Also congratulations to Lorgs (second place), and Servo270 (third place).
  • Nether Love Week ENDS, watch our Discord announcements to vote when the thread is put up!
  • Added Town Incentives – Work on established towns to get trophies and awards! Learn more here
  • Added Nation Building – Combine local towns to build great nations! Learn more here
  • Ferris Wheel Project – IllBeBlock is accepting donations for the spawn ferris wheel! Learn more here 
  • Packed IIIIICE – Creepy Dan now sells full stacks of packed ice for 1 emerald
  • New Player Jobs – Contribute to the server and get paid for it! Learn more here 
  • We <3 Our Teachers – Read Thrillshire’s amazingly entertaining thread about his Minecraft adventures as a teacher! Learn more here
  • New Steam Group for StonewickiansJoin here
  • Snowman Building Contest – Join us on Sunday to see who can build the best snowman! Learn more here
  • New forums! Now our server forums are easier and MORE FUN to use! Check them out here
  • Stonewick Spotify Playlist – We are collecting songs for our 2017 playlist! Learn more here 
  • December Survey – Claim Your Frostwalker II Book by completing our player survey! Learn more here

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