Server Info

Stonewick was created on August 2017 with small town life in mind. The owners’ desire for the server was to strike a balance between pure vanilla and too many plugins to count. The result is a balanced semi-vanilla server with non-game breaking perks to keep Minecraft exciting, but not cray-cray. To maintain excellence in staff and membership, Stonewick remains ages 18+ (no exceptions), with a lengthy whitelist application process to vet all players.


  • Hosted in New York
  • Intel Xeon E31240 Processor
  • 16 gb ram & SSDs

Game Rules

For our main SMP, The End, and Nether maps, these rules are in place.

  • MobGrief is OFF
  • Firespread is OFF
  • Keepinventory is OFF (enabled when donation goal is met)
  • TNT is disabled


We offer multiple maps accessible in-game!

  • Bloodlands (Ultra Hardcore Anarchy & Resource Gathering World)
  • Creative
  • The End 2 (An additional The End map, reset monthly)
  • Mini-Games, Skyblock, & Custom Maps (Interchangeable Monthly)


  • DynMap
  • Discord/Server Integration
  • Player Crates
  • Sleep Percentage (15%)
  • Better Chairs
  • Custom Shopkeepers
  • Quests
  • Economy
  • Player Sign Shops
  • GriefPrevention
  • Lockette
  • Decorative Heads
  • SuperTrails
  • Brewery

What Makes Stonewick Unique

  • 10 hours playtime earns a player 1 command block warp
  • Dedicated warp and nether hub area
  • Monthly and weekly server events
  • We keep our map clean and enjoy the 100% vanilla generated terrain
  • Weekly in-game gazette with server info and funny articles
  • Weekly NPC trades to earn money collecting/trading various items
  • Monthly enderdragon fights hosted by the server
  • Heartwarming community of friends who genuinely care <3
  • Eula Compliant & Fun Server-wide Donation Rewards
  • Player Created Towns and Nations
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Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing an all-inclusive, stress-free environment for mature adults to enjoy Minecraft. It is our goal to create a family atmosphere that includes wholesome fun and creativity.