• Be kind and courteous to all members. [Drama]
  • Keep chat relatively family-friendly, keep swearing in moderation. [Inappropriate Topics]
  • Players must be ages 18+. No exceptions.
  • Recruitment of the server is the sole duty of admin and staff.
  • No griefing or stealing. [Griefing/Theft & Personal Responsibility]
  • No mass harvesting/terraforming on land you don’t plan to build on. [Circumventing Rules]
  • PvP and pranking must be consensual.
  • Keep the map pretty. No stray torches, floating trees, abandoned boats/craft benches, or 1×1 towers.
  • Do not build or harvest within two hundred blocks of other players’ builds without consent. You can use our DynMap to make sure you are not too close to another player. [Claiming Land]
  • Animal/mob rooms must adhere to our 2:1 policy and should not go over 100 per mob type. [Mob Farms]
  • Redstone Devices & Mob Grinders must be controlled by an on/off switch and not left on. Floating redstone machines are not allowed. Redstone machines must not cause lag. [Redstone & Mob Grinder/Spawning Details] [Redstone Inspector General – Volunteer Players to Help Redstone Builds]
  • X-ray, flying, hacking mods, or the use of in-game exploits is strictly prohibited.
  • Circumventing the AFK timer kick is prohibited.


Above all else, we wish to remain professional on Stonewick. We have created this server with open hearts in hopes to build a peaceful, successful community. It is not our desire to rule with an iron fist. Instead, we hope to lovingly craft a friendly community and fiercely protect it by enforcing a set of agreed upon rules by all.

To learn more about how our server is run, visit our Wiki’s Policies page.