“To everyone still not sure if they should or not join this server i have been on for a little less than 6 hour but i can tell you already that the community is awesome and that this server got a lot to give us in the future so you should all apply and get on the server to come play with us!” – poker134

This is the best community I have ever been apart of. The people are great. The admins are epic and awesome. The helpers are wonderful. There is a feel good vibe here. There are community events that add a little flavor. Nothing is overwhelming and everyone is just super friendly and helpful. This is the place to be! Come be ONE OF US! -” DualityDarkside

“I’ve already got 20 hours of ingame time, and I’m enjoying myself so much. – The admins are very dedicated and friendly, and I’m looking forward to enjoying so many more hours together with the wonderful people who so far have joined the server. I’ve built a base on top of a mountain, opened a shop – supplying whoever needs it with lots of eggs, and are now starting to prepare for exploration of the world! If you play Minecraft for the sake of being social, and being part of a nice community, this server is 100% for you! Join our server, and buy my eggs!” – DeviantLilja

“So I just joined this server yesterday morning, having a great time. To be honest I think the fact that I’ve been in game active for approx 14-15 hours so far testifys to how good it is here. Ive never met a more friendly and willing to help admin team. You have an issue, drop a message on discord and you’ll have a pleasant and helpful response on minutes. The community is great, you can very much tell it’s an adult and mature community when you first join there server. Before I took my first step after spawning in, I’d been greeted by numerous people and welcomed. Theres a well thought out tour when you exit the initial spawn building, guiding you on different aspects of the server. Theres books pre written to guide you on anything the tour may over look. If if your looking for a vanilla with sprinkles minecraft server, your over 18 and willing to get stuck in with a social group. Come join us. i look forward to playing with you.” Glasi13

“My girlfriend and I have been looking for a place to call home in minecraft for a few months now. Plague with over the top mods and children abusing admin power. I was losing hope and getting tired of going server to server on a weekly basis. I can happy to announce that we have found out permanent home here at Stonewick! Friendly adult staff with a rapidly growing population of mature, fun, adults that are looking to have a stress free environment. Wish I had found this server sooner!” – Tumblin

“That’s about the fifth time I start out on a server and I really hope it’s the server that stays. They put so much love in preparing spawn, that they really deserve it. So if you’re in for a real treat, try Stonewick.” – themonkseye

“I used to play on my own server back in 2012 and just stopped playing, until about 2 and a half months ago. I had been jumping servers ever since, trying to find a place that was nice, pretty to look at, fun, provided a vanilla experience, and active. For a few weeks, I barely found anything close.

I would jump on a server and there wouldn’t be anyone on it, even on the weekends. I would find a server, build on a spot for a week only to be told to move my stuff before it was destroyed by an admin, because he wanted that area. Server was full of kids, too young for me to even be comfortable talking to. Unhelpful people were abundant. I would build on a server, only for it to shut down after 3 days.

You can look on their website to see when I joined. I have been playing on this server for a little over two weeks now. I absolutely love this server and everything it has to offer. Everyone is active, and I find myself making plans with other players, even when I am not on. We have a blast with the competition the economy plugin provides. The bonus weekends are fun, and community projects are worth participating in.

What I am trying to say is, if you’ve been looking for friends to make in the MC world, this is the place to be.” – Capinbomb

“This is a good server. As a former server owner, I’m fairly picky with the kinds of servers I play on. I don’t normally build much, but I knew I could build a nice base on this server because I can tell that it’s going to be around for the long haul.

Definitely give it a shot if you’re looking for a breath of fresh air in Minecraft.” 14Mal20

“I joined this server a few weeks back and it’s been a great time! Everyone gets along very well and are constantly helping eachother out with projects and the like :)” Tegne

“This server is fun and active. Life on Stonewick is filled with friendly chat, exciting events, helpful players and staff. Write a good application and you can be sure an invitation to a world you’ll never want to leave! This is my forever server.” Leafe

“I’ve been on the server for almost 2 weeks now, and it’s been a great experience. Everyone is friendly, helpful and willing to chat. A couple of days ago I was alone with one other member during some weird hours and we just chatted about music. I should also mention we had a fishing competition the other day that brought lots of people together both to compete and spectate, events and competitions happen all the time. I’d love to meet and befriend more lovely people through Stonewick, so please apply! :)” dawniii

“This minecraft server is unlike any other I have played on. I was also a server owner during beta days. I tried… Its really hard to have something this special. Especially if its 24/7. Its hard to describe unless you try… Try it out, Like seriously? What are you waiting for? DOO IIITT!” huntergedon

“Been on this server for a couple of months now, i can honestly say its the best community i have ever had the privilege of being a part of. The people are awesome, the admins are amazing and the helpers are actual players that dont abuse the power they are given.

If you love vanilla but feel its missing a little something, Stonewick might be for you, we have the people, we have the builds, we just need you…..” Glasi13

“This is the best server I’ve ever been a part of. No need for players to focus on specific things, economy is well established and fair, people are very friendly, admins don’t loom over anyone and play survival occasionally. Great out of game resources such as website and wiki. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a community to be part of.” DrDaffodil

“Ive been on the server for a bit over 2 weeks. Its great. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Fun stuff going on all the time. Chat is usually lively but not overwhelming and ive never been over looked when asking a question while some players are chatting away. Build are nice, not overly complicated but interesting and fun.” RhaeStarShine