Photography Contest ~ Deadlines Extended – 9/24 – Prizes ADDED

The Stonewick Gazette is issuing a contest! They need our help in capturing moments with friends on the server! Our screenshot contest starts this week 9/16 and ends 9/24, The theme of the screenshot must be centered around friendship, displaying your new friendship with other players on the server.

**** To qualify for this contest you must have 5 or more posts on the forums (see your member profile for your post count).****


1. Must have 2 or more players on the server in the shot.
2. Must be creative!
3. Must be submitted no later than 12 midnight CST on Friday
4. You must have 5 or more posts on this forum.
5. Players must submit screenshots VIA FORUM PM!
6. Only one screenshot submission please.


Stonewick Photographer Trophy (DecorativePlayerhead: Camera)
Prizes Crate Key (Chance to win: Fishing Rod w/ Luck of the Sea III & Lure III, Enchanted Bow w/ Unbreaking III & Infinity, Pick Axe w/ Eff V Unb III & Mending, Silk Touch Book, 64 Leather, Wither Skull, 32 Iron Blocks, or Mending Book)
6 Sponge Blocks
16 sea lanterns
2 stacks of cooked steaks
10 stacks of the wood of your choice
Spawn Egg of the Pet of Your Choice (no villagers aren’t pets)
Kiosk Upgrade to Market Stall (valued at 600 coins)
20 Emeralds (200 Coins)

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