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What We Offer
Semi-Vanilla Whitelisted Minecraft for Adults Only

Dedicated Server

Dedicated core e3-1240 v6 processor. Hosted in New York. SSDs.

Active Staff

Admins sign on daily. Helpers from all over the world to assist players in all time zones.

Wholesome Community

No religion, politics, swearing or ragefests – We’re adults, we want a place to relax after we get home from work or school. Just wholesome fun.

Weekly Events

Contests, competitions, parties… you name it, we have it. We love holiday events too!

Professional Leadership

Trained administrators to handle all your toughest questions and maintain equality among all ranks.

Key Aspects
How Semi-Vanilla Should Be

No Grief

Protect your builds with Lockette and GriefPrevention. Our server runs block logging and anti-cheat plugins to protect ourselves from the bad guys. We use a comprehensive whitelist application to make sure we fully vet all our players.


We use the DynMap plugin for all of our worlds so you can always keep tabs on where you are!

No Map Resets

We are dedicated to work hard so that our map is never reset. We know how much work you put into this world, we try our best to preserve it.

Player Economy

Our server economy is based on emeralds. We have player shops and trading that all function around our economy system.


We offer our main world, Stonewick SMP, which is where we play the majority time. We also have maps for Creative, UHC/resource, a second The End, and mini-games/custom maps that we switch out monthly.

Friendly Community

We pride ourselves on having the most welcoming community you will come across. We have newbie outreach projects and strive to make you feel like a part of our family as soon as you join.

Minimal Plug-Ins

We consider ourselves “vanilla with sprinkles”. Our “sprinkles” are light-weight plug-ins we use that don’t break the spirit of vanilla. Additional plug-ins: player shops signs, player sleep percentage (15%), custom brews (like beer & wine), player crates, chairs = stairs, and custom NPCs/quests. No McMMO or similar bulky plugins.

Command Block Warps

Members do not have /home, /spawn, /tp, or /warp. Instead, players who play up to 10 hours can apply to have 1 command block that teleports them to and from our Subway system at spawn and their base. This is completely optional, you can also use our Nether Hub for vanilla transportation.

What they say about us
We Love Our Community

To be honest I think the fact that I’ve been in game active for approx 14-15 hours so far testifies to how good it is here. I’ve never met a more friendly and willing to help admin team. You have an issue, drop a message on discord and you’ll have a pleasant and helpful response on minutes. The community is great, you can very much tell it’s an adult and mature community when you first join there server. Before I took my first step after spawning in, I’d been greeted by numerous people and welcomed. There is a well thought out tour when you exit the initial spawn building, guiding you on different aspects of the server. There are books pre-written to guide you on anything the tour may over look. If if your looking for a vanilla with sprinkles Minecraft server, your over 18 and willing to get stuck in with a social group. Come join us, Ii look forward to playing with you.


I never played Minecraft before until November. Played maybe an hour in survival on my own, but wasn’t having that much fun by myself so I did some searching and found Stonewick. In the last 2.5 months, I went from being a complete noob who didn’t know how to start the player tour and enter a minecart to still being a complete noob who has a pretty cool base and buildings, and diamond everything […] The gameplay is fun but the social aspect is by far the best part. Taking part in a massive server project and working with different people, making mistakes and learning from our mistakes together and laughing about it, visiting other people’s bases and seeing their creations, random PvP battles in the subway, etc… it’s been awesome. So if you are a noob and unsure about joining because it seems a little advanced, I will personally help you with the learning curve.


I was looking for a server that I felt welcome in and could be myself. I found that and more with Stonewick. The environment created is truly unique for anything I’ve ever experienced before. I’ve been a member for almost 2 months now and don’t see myself leaving ever. I have met some wonderful people who have become friends. There is always a strong group of people on at all times. We currently are finishing up a very large group survival project -> Our underground subway! It has been a true labor of love and is absolutely beautiful! We like to hold events frequently of all variety. We have had fishing and archery competitions, group survival events, and even dragon fights. […] I invite everyone who is looking for a chill, very mature structured server to apply and look forward to many more friends!


Meet the Administrators
What Makes Us Tick


Server Owner

Oversees all community management and server planning.


Server Owner

Performs server and plugin technical support and maintenance.


Community Supervisor

Resident firecracker and maintains weekly gazette and trades.


Operations Manager

Assists with server functions and server owners, provides redstone support.


Events Organizer

Lead designer and organizer for community events and contests.


Community Outreach Specialist

Handles Support Tickets and all community outreach with players.

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Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing an all-inclusive, stress-free environment for mature adults to enjoy Minecraft. It is our goal to create a family atmosphere that includes wholesome fun and creativity.