A Peek Into Stonewick Part II (Interviewing DrPhilsMustache) by RxFairy

You see these people on the server and you might know a little bit about them already. But The Stonewick Gazette wants you to get to know Stonewick’s Finest Minecrafters from around the world! This week’s player is none other than the mayor of Punxville, DrPhilsMustache!   Tell us a little about yourself: My name is Brandon. I’m 25 and married with three kids ( all girls D: ). I’m a USMC vet and  currently and unlicensed general contractor. I…

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Changes to Server Rules + Black Market/Country Club + Cupid’s Ball

Changes to Server Rules Rule changes are as follows: No need for redstone inspectors No more strict “200 block” radius rules, just asking for courteousness 200 block radius mining has been lifted, but still ask members to be courteous and not mine across the map. Mob cramming is no longer restricted, but population rules still apply PvP and pranking must be consensual rule removed. Falls under “be kind and respectful to all players’, giving more leeway for players to still…

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Bonus Weekend + Monthly Donation Goals Change Coming This March

Bonus Weekend During Bonus Weekend, there is NO Enderman Farm entrance fee. We will be setting all town crates keys to be reset every 3 hours. For reasons mentioned below, we’re having BONUS WEEKEND this weekend! 😀 Stop by the Community Center at Spawn every hour to get cool crate prizes and don’t forget to buy BONUS WEEKEND SWAG! Bonus Weekend’s Crate Rewards Bottles o’ Enchanting Lapis Lazuli Fortune I iron picks Unb I books Emeralds Leather Paper Ink Sacks…

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It's BONUS WEEKEND! Read about all the prizes you can earn just by logging in today!… weeks
Watch our ribbon cutting event for our new Subway! :D #pcgaming #youtube #twitch #minecraft weeks
Stress testing our new dedicated server before moving our REAL map to it! *HUZZAH!* #minecraft #youtube #twitch… month
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