News: Extended Timeline for Dedicated Server Switch

As you know from my When Life Gives You Lemons post on the forums, Stonewick is undergoing major and exciting changes. Pointyy and I have been planning for this from the inception of Stonewick. We’re so excited that it is becoming a reality. When we first announced this change our ETA was 1/9/18. However, we are going to have to push that timeline back by about a week. This is not because we haven’t been working on it. Quite the opposite. We want to have enough time to make sure it’s perfect and we implement all the new changes as flawlessly as we can. Our new ETA for when we will be playing on the new Dedicated Server and open for applications is 1/20/18. In the meantime, I’d like to share some changes that have happened and some I’m planning on happening.

Recent Changes in Preparation for the Move

  • Spawn/Nether Hub has been moved from the train to the WIP subway
  • Everyone has access to /playtime <name> again
  • To reduce the amount of work we’ve had to do fixing warp signs, editable sign permissions have been revoked for all players except helpers.
  • We’ve removed the lava restrictions so that players can now place lava. However, we’ve added and plan to enforce this rule: “Lava placement should be used responsibly and only on claimed land.”
  • We are asking players to temporarily close up shop as we will be switching shop plugins
  • As a precaution, you may want to remove your money and store your emeralds in a chest
  • NPCs are temperately removed from spawn
  • Redstone rules have been tweaked to allow redstone clocks provided they have on/off switch and maximum chests for item sorters have increased to 16

Proposed Changes

These changes are NOT set in stone. They are on our list to research and test on the test server.

  • Shopkeepers will be upgraded to Citizens 2 (quests, transportation, bankers, etc)
  • Swapping pet management plugin which will allow more customization to pets/mounts
  • Swapping decorative heads plugin and adding Xisuma Head’s
  • Removing chest shops and incorporating sign shops
  • Possibly swapping SaneEconomy for Gringotts
  • Player warps will be command blocks, not signs
  • A “trial” rank will be added under “member” rank, players will be promoted to members once they get their player warp
  • Altering careers — removing Redstone Inspector and Professor
  • Player Tour will be rewritten to be a series of quests with tutorials for plugins
  • New Creative map that allows people to plan their designs in a Creative World (you’d enter it like how you enter the Bloodlands)

Why Are Applications Closed?

Applications are closed for a few reasons. Mostly, our tour, set up, and changes can be confusing for a new player just coming on board because everything isn’t complete yet. Also, it would be very frustrating for a new player to join and we have issues with our current (unreliable) host or have hours of downtime/maintenance during the server switch. Also, Pointyy and I will be out of town attending PAX South 1/12 – 1/15. So, we’re keeping applications closed until around the 20th. However, when applications are re-opened it will be considered a “server re-opening”.

I Really Want To Apply Though 🙁

I know, I’m sorry! We’d love nothing more to have new friends join us. But, we want to be ready for you and make the best impression we can! Thank you for your patience. 🙂

What Happens in the Meantime?

Well, our server has always been very active. It will continue to run on the crappy host until we switch over. We haven’t run into anymore disk space issues caused by the host, so we expect everything to be relatively smooth the next week as we prepare with possibly one day’s downtime of the server when we switch the map over. (It takes a long time to transfer things like DynMap over.) So, in the meantime we may not have new blood, but we’re still very active and poppin’. We’re still doing events and having fun per usual.

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