A Special Note on Fishgiving

As this year winds down, I’d like to take the time to let you know how each of you are special and important to me. I know we aren’t like other servers, both good and (at time) confusing. But, you guys have blown my expectations for running a server out of the water. I’ve come to know some of you quite well and I really genuinely consider you friends, for the newer players I can’t wait to get to know you better! You are all so patient and understanding, most of all you’re overwhelmingly supportive and always willing to help me, pointyy, our staff, or newbie players.

I’ve been apart of many, many servers in my gaming career. And I say this not as the owner/admin of Stonewick, but as a community member: there is no place like here. I see the love you guys put into welcoming each new member, helping with questions large and small, and sharing your in-game items to make someone elses’ life just a little bit easier. It is an honor to be an admin to players like you and I work hard every day to never let you down.

I want to give a very special thank you to DrPhilsMustache and CapinBOMB. You two have gone above and beyond in so many ways both in-game and IRL since I started Stonewick. You guys really help me so much, I can’t begin to thank you. Stonewick would not be what it is without you.

Thank you to all my helpers AuxDemon, ChewieBaka, LuciTiger, SenorMintKiddo, Leafe, and DrDaffodil. You guys have such unique talent and skills, you all come together to form my Stonewick DreamTeam. You step up when I need help with tickets, players, or events and I am so, so, SO very grateful. Thank you so much for working your butts off to make this community amazing.

*Raises blocky glass of beer* Here’s to many, many more years of fun and friendship!

Cheers and love,


This Week’s News

  • PvP Bounty Week! Today is the last day to sign up to participate. Sign-Up Now!
  • Administrative Offices now have a new drop-off box, please drop off all vouchers and quest books there to claim your rewards!
  • The Grand Fishing Competition was a SUCCESS! We are looking for more fishing championship event organizers! PM LuciTiger, our event coordinator!
  • This is the last week to enjoy Fishgiving crates or Blacklion Faire!
  • In order to promote players to hooking up their Nether Tunnels directly to our Nether Rooms, we have removed the Nether Exits/Entrances in each room.
  • A map of spawn has been posted at kiosks around spawn and is available to purchase at the train station.
  • Stop by our new Post Office (design and built by Lorgs!) You can now connect your Nether Hub mailbox to your post office to get lightening fast deliveries!

Promotions & Awards

New Helpers!

  • DrDaffodil
  • LuciTiger
  • SenorMintKiddo

New Veterans!

  • Thrillshire
  • Spoon_Merchant
  • Monkseye
  • Astromonkey
  • Duality_Darkside
  • Lorgs

Nether Love Week! by CapinBOMB

This week we’re going to give some TLC to our favorite Nether hub!

If you have been in the nether (we all have, come on) you’ll notice that there are eight rooms. Four of the rooms are labeled North, East, South, and West. These four rooms have hub setups for your own personal Nether portal!

So here’s the deal: We want you to spruce your Nether portal up a bit. This week, we want YOU to fix up your portal tunnel, make it nice and neat, maybe even fix the Y coordinates on it and plug it up to the appropriate room! Each tunnel will then be voted on for the best based on the player’s construction and creativity!

First place prize includes a blaze spawner! So sharpen your tools and gather your resources! This week will be the Nether Hub Tunnel Design contest! Make your Nether portal the best portal!


Your Nether portal must be set up correctly

Your tunnel must be connected to the Nether Rooms in the Nether Hub

Your tunnel must be relatively the same height and width of the tunnel opening at the hub (can be a few blocks thicker/smaller, but don’t get crazy)

The decoration must extend the FULL length of your tunnel

Be creative!

Mark your tunnel with a sign that says <your name> submitting for Nether Love Week!

The deadline is December 17th.

First Place

Naughty Red Shulker Box full of COAL

$1000 cold hard cash money

1 Blaze OR (regular) Skeleton Spawner

16 Fire Resistant Potions

1 Stack of Gold Ingots

32 Ghast Tears

Naughty Outfit

Naughty Trophy

Second Place

Naughty Diamond Pick – Unb III Silk Touch

$600 cold hard cash money

8 Fire Resistance Potions

32 Gold Ingots

2 Stacks of Blaze Rods

Half a Chest of Coal & Netherbrick

Naughty Trophy

Third Place

Naughty Outfit – Full Set of Unb III Fire Resistant Iron Armor

$300 cold hard cash money

Naughty Trophy