Hey there fellow Stonewickians! It been another exciting few weeks here on the server and its time for a long overdue blog post. This one being led by, the one and only, DrPhilsMustache! (Prepare for repeated phrases and a TON of info! The server is super awesome!)

Stonewick’s #Stalker Map!

We’ve created a wonderful way to see how close (or how far!) we are all from each other IRL! It has been fun checking in on everyone and seeing where everyone is on the map. If you haven’t done so already, add a marker on the map with your pic and username to join the fun! Stonewick Player Map


We need YOU, yes YOU! to give us your opinion of the server using this lovely survey put together by jellyplz. These surveys come out monthly and the answers are discussed amongst staff to move forward with the server in ways that are beneficial to it and the players that inhabit it. You can’t complain if you don’t put in your opinion! Tell us how you feel!


Suggestions Box Switch Up

If you feel like suggesting something that wasn’t included in the monthly survey, don’t fret! The suggestions box has been replaced by public forum posting! Follow this link: Suggestions Box to leave a suggestion for the server. Make sure to follow the guidelines laid out in the stickied post!


Exciting News!

  • The towns of Arcadia and Aetheria are now open! Take some time to visit Stonewick’s newest towns, governed by, our very own (now Mayors), SkyBabelfish and Endeavour! (respectively) See the sights, admire the creativity, give the crates (now once weekly for all towns!) a whirl, buy a plot, leave a suggestion, whatever your heart desires. Congratulations to these two for all their hard work and earning a spot on the wall in the Community Center!
  • New spawn plots and NPCs (and TONS of SEEKRITS) have been added to spawn! Take a gander around the area to see if you can find some, or all! While your there, put in a ticket for a plot to keep the economy healthy and interesting. 😛
  • Gazette interviews? What is this, BuzzFeed? After the success of our lovely RxFairy’s interview of SenorMintKiddo, she’s back at it again. This time around, she picked some random dude off the street to interview. He’s an odd one so keep an eye out on the server. Link to that here: #THATONEDUDE
  • Congratulations to both __Zig and RxFairy for becoming Stonewick’s newest Helpers-In-Training! You both will make fine additions to the team that keeps the wheels attached on this crazy bus!


Events Are Happenin’!

  • The Cupid’s Ball was a blast! I hope everyone that attended (a TON of people) enjoyed it as well. Seeing everyone’s masquerade skins was a ton of fun and it all came together rather nicely. Congratulations to those that stumped the Admin’s and to the winners of the minigames! And a special shoutout to OdinHB for winning both the Valentine’s Haiku Contest AND the Masquerade Skin Contest!
  • I would like to extend a special shoutout to Glasi13 for hosting an Overwatch Game Night and as well for hosting a ‘Moving Trade’ competition, details here: Glasi’s Moving Trade Get your designs in soon as it ends on Friday! If YOU would like to host a Game Night, contact a Helper for more information. We will make it happen.
  • RxFairy’s Survivor Event was an overwhelming success! Thank you to those that attended and keep an eye out for Season 2! Congratulations to Lorgs for becoming the first ever Stonewick Ultimate Survivor! He saved himself from certain death with a hidden immunity idol and defeated FallingMonkey for the victory like the superstar he’s known to be!
  • The Tech Room Airship Contest has come to a close and the winners are…. Lorgs AND Andwey! They both put some serious effort into their builds and have both earned a first place prize! Keep an eye out for their designs to be in the Tech Room soon™.
  • Special shoutout to Sabbie for winning last week’s Dalgard Lottery with the number 87! She’s now 3500 coins richer! Make sure to get your numbers in before the drawing each week to get a chance at winning. A special thanks to Lorgs for hosting this event each week as it is both fun and exciting to take a stab at the winnings.
  • A special congratulations to both SkyBabelfish and benz282 for winning the Newbie/Vet build challenge! A congrats to both the second place teams as well (they tied!), RxFairy and Andwey, as well as Leafe and Odin! Enjoy your Rainbow of Friendship prizes and display them with pride!
  • Want to host an event, feel like you missed something, or you just want more information? Good news! LuciTiger is the head Events Organizer and she would love to hear what you have to say. Shoot her a PM on Discord to get the ball rolling. She’s also the staff member behind the Events Calendar on the website. Didn’t know we had one, did you? For shame… BUT here’s this, so I don’t have to shame you again. 😛 http://stonewick.net/event-calendar/


What’s Happening Around Stonewick?

  • Special thanks to SenorMintKiddo for repairing the damages to the Dimensions Rollercoaster at the Faire. The subway build did a number to it but he patched it up and it is running again! Check it out if you haven’t, it’s a blast!
  • Lack of claims… Using the griefprevention plugin to claim your areas is very important as it tells players whom’s stuff is whoms. It is also a saving grace as some bases are marked as ABANDONED and your things may get taken by mistake. Expect us to put as much effort into replacing items as you do in protecting them. To learn more about claiming land, follow this link:  http://stonewick.net/mediawiki/index.php/GriefPrevention
  • Lorgs is spearheading and leading an epic build on the server. The build, named The Proelium, will be a multipurpose arena used for many events in the future. To donate supplies, labor, or moral support, join the discord channel #the-proelium-project or check out the post on the forum: The Proelium Project
  • Bounty Hunts and the Dalgard Lottery are still happening. If you’re unsure about what either is or if you’ve forgotten to sign up, you can find more info and do so here: Bounty Hunts! and here: Dalgard Lottery!
  • The Snapshot Server is alive! Folks from the community have spent some time playing with turtles and building a small island retreat together on this server. It has been a great learning and bonding exercise for those involved. If you’ve missed out on the experience then I have good news for you! Our very own jellyplz and RxFairy have organized an event called: Enchanted Friends Commune – Tiny House Village Community Project, or ‘MOUTHFUL’ for short. The project is designed to bring the community together and have fun. It is an additional way to relax and take a break from big private (hah) projects. More info can be found here: Enchanted Friends Commune
  • AUCTIONS! If you haven’t noticed, the Auction House has gotten more traffic than most town’s lately and for good reason! There are some pretty amazing plots/shops/builds being auctioned as of late. If you haven’t participated in the excitement then you are missing out. CpnJackSparrow is the man in charge and he’s doing a great job at it. If you’ve got any questions, he’s the one to talk to.


As you can see, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME here on Stonewick. I hope you’ve enjoyed my rendition of the blog post and I’d like to extend a very special shoutout to jelly for allowing me to do this! I’d also like to say a very heartfelt “Welcome to the server!” to those that recently joined us and I hope everything is going well for you. You couldn’t have chosen a better community to become a part of. For you all and those that have been around for a while, keep being awesome! Y’all are what makes being a Helper so special.


Sincerely yours,

        –  Phil