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Redstone Inspector General Career

"Government contract work", to inspect player redstone builds and assist in building. Paid for in coins by admins and free to players. Read More in Policies This career is a special volunteer position that helps the server remain lag free, but also provides a redstone service to players! Inspectors gain access to their own Discord chat and also the Redstone Inspector office at spawn for storage purposes.

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Become an Inspector

Submit a Support Ticket.


  • Need firm understanding of redstone
  • Fully versed in server rules
  • Good nature, willingness to help
  • Active player with 10+ hours playtime
  • Have not been reprimanded for breaking rules

You must understand our Policies.

Getting Paid

Post in the Payment Request Thread each time you work a job. You will get paid for every completed job.


  • Small jobs: 50 coins

(Inspecting redstone for admins, troubleshooting player issues, and small auto-farms)

  • Medium jobs: 250 coins

(Setting up larger auto-farms, doors, various contraptions)

  • Large jobs: 500 coins

(Helping with server events/spawn and group projects like small iron golem farms or server grinders for admins)