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Server Culture

It is our goal to build a server with the following assets:

  • Friendliness
  • Helpfulness
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Resourcefulness
  • Trustfulness
  • Integrity

We want our players to be friendly and helpful. But, we also want players who are resourceful when it comes to finding server answers and establishing themselves on the server. We want to create an environment for adults that feels like a family.


Above all else, we wish to remain professional on Stonewick. We have created this server with open hearts in hopes to build a peaceful, successful community. It is not our desire to rule with an iron fist. Instead, we hope to lovingly craft a friendly community and fiercely protect it by enforcing a set of agreed upon rules by all.


Our server does not function as a popularity contest. As such, promotions or favouritism will never be given based on minority voting, to players who are the "loudest", or to financial donors. We define "loud" players as those who are highly active, but tend to complain, spread negativity, or attempt to bend rules in their favour. Veteran rank is earned by hard-working players who contribute in meaningful ways and only awarded by server admins. The community will be governed with the same policy. Meaning, popular players will not be shown favoritism if they continue to break the rules. We have a warning, unwhitelisting, and banning system in place and it will be used on all players who break rules, not just unpopular players.


We encourage players to actively answer new players' questions regarding the server, plugins, or anything else in relation thereof. Using the wiki as a supplement for helpfulness and friendliness is not the intent of the wiki. Instead, the wiki serves as an archive and catalog of useful information for those who wish to dig deeper into the server and community. We wish to promote community by providing this extra resource and hope that our newer players are resourceful enough to seek it out. Or perhaps going on adventures with people who are lonely/would like friends to play with. We understand there are players from all walks of life and personalities, we ask that our community does not pressure anyone in getting into voice chat or talking about things they're uncomfortable with sharing.


We are an 18+ server. There are absolutely no exceptions to that rule. If players are found to be under 18, they will be automatically unwhitelisted.

Introducing New Players

Donations & Recruitment

We love when players donate to the church newbie boxes! However, when a player first joins please refrain from following them around on the tour, giving them “OP” items (diamonds, etc), or recruiting them to build at your base or work on your projects. Let the player “breathe” and explore the magic of Stonewick that you got to. Feel free to give them a warm welcome in chat!


We ask that all players actively welcome our new players when they join. It means all the world to get 100 welcomes than 0, each one of our new members is special and we want them to feel special. We also ask that once they complete their tour and become a member, you chime in with the ONE OF US ONE OF US chant. It's not mandatory, but it's very fun part of our initiation. :)

Land Policies

The following are land policies we have in place in order to preserve our map for upcoming expansions. If you cannot understand or follow these rules, frankly you do not belong here. These are policies our members gladly follow for the good of the server.


All mining (strip or branch) or caving/spelunking should occur in or within radius of your own claim. All claims must be used for building projects, NOT to acquire more space to mine. This is to encourage equal time spent mining and building (contributing to the server).

If you are running out of space for your mine, DO NOT do the following:

  • Go caving/spelunking in the wild
  • Mine in the wild, especially near other players
  • Intentionally create claims just to mine them

Here is what you can do instead:

  • Expand your claim to have a larger space around your base to mine within
  • Come up with a new building project (like a new town!) and mine while you build
  • Mine in the Bloodlands where there are no laws about harvesting!
  • Buddy up with a friend or neighbor to mine in their land (with their permission)

Players creating claims or excessively mining in areas they don't own/build on will be issued a warning. If they continue to do this, they will be removed from the server for the good of all Stonewick players.

Mass Harvesting or Terraforming

Mass harvesting of land, blocks, trees, or any other supplies is not allowed. For example, chopping down a whole forest to use the wood. Also, we do not allow mass terraforming, for instance mining all the sand out of a desert. If you need to farm blocks you can get them from the Bloodlands, buying from other players, or the quarries at spawn.

If you have claimed the land and plan on building a project on it, then you may harvest and terraform it to your heart's content. But, you cannot claim land for the sole purpose of harvesting the materials.

Claiming Spawners

If a spawner is not within radius of your build claim, you do not need to be mining there. Spawners MAY ONLY BE CLAIMED if they are surface area spawners and you intend to make them a PUBLIC spawner. You can find spawners on your own claim or buy them at the Black Market.

This does not apply to villages, pyramids/jungle temples, or ocean temples. Those are free game to all players if they are not claimed by another player already. This ONLY applies to skeleton, zombie, and spider spawners found via mining.

Claiming for Redstone or Lava Placement

Making claims strictly to create redstone machines or place lava is strictly against the rules. Land claiming is to protected bases and build projects, not to circumvent necessary server rules put in place to protect the map from griefing or lag creation.

Overworld Roads/Railways

Underground or above ground roads or railways that are on unclaimed land are strictly forbidden due to our small map. Please use the Nether to travel and create roads.


We consider the following to be categorized as “griefing”: stealing from claimed/unclaimed chests, pranking players without their consent, harvesting farms or animals that belong to other players, mass terraforming/deforestation in unclaimed areas, or destroying builds/items placed by other players unless noted you're allowed to do so.

Personal Responsibility

Because we work hard to provide with safety claim Plug-Ins and also because we are such a small team admining, we will hold players who have been grieved as partially responsible for what has happened. You can protect your chests by using Lockette and your builds by using GriefPrevention. It is up to you as a player to protect your builds. If items are stolen or griefed, they will not be replaced. If you do not claim your land, you are putting yourself at risk for theft, stealing, and (more likely than the other two) players building under 200 blocks from you. It is your prerogative if you want to use landclaiming, however you take on the risk of not having protection if you don't.

Raidable Bases

Occasionally you may stumble upon a home that has no claim and is marked with a sign that says ** ABANDONED **. Any unclaimed base marked with this sign is raidable. Here are your options:

  • Loot all chests and go about your merry way
  • Tear down the entire structure, repair the natural generation and go about your merry way
  • Claim the structure with the sole intention on building on the land and having it as your own
  • Scavenge the lands looking for raidable bases to loot their chests

Not Allowed

Please do NOT do the following:

  • Tear down bits you want from the build and leave it in ruins
  • Claim it to hoard all items and NOT use the area to build
  • Claim it just to mine in the area and not add on any builds
  • Raid unclaimed bases that do not have a sign. Unmarked bases are considered active, you will be banned for raiding a players' base that isn't marked as abandoned.
  • Marking an unclaimed base as abandoned that does NOT belong to you and you don't have permission to mark is considered grieving and is a bannable offense.

When in doubt, ask. Always look for a sign!

Happy raiding!

Nether Policies

  • No Gold Farms
  • No Redstone Devices
  • No Land Claims
  • Don't destroy or add/build on to player tunnels

Redstone Machines, Mob Grinders, & Mob Farms

Redstone Devices NOT allowed:

  • Farms left on or without an on/off switch
  • Devices dependent on a redstone clock without an on/off switch
  • Gold farms
  • Enderman XP farm (we have a community one)
  • AFK machines
  • Fish farm machines

Redstone Machine & Grinder Guidelines

  • Redstone machines must not cause server lag or be built intentionally to cause lag. (We clasify causing server lag as our server TPS dropping to below 16 TPS).
  • Machines and Mob Grinders must have an on/off switch. For Grinders, the switch must activate lights on near the spawner to deactivate spawning when not in use. (ie: you are in the area but not using it, someone is visiting your base, or someone is traveling near you).
  • Redstone clocks and any use of minecarts must have an on/off switch and be turned off when not in use or if you log off.
  • If a redstone device that has too many lag blocks (hoppers, observers, or pistons) causes server lag, you will be politely asked to either downsize or remove the device immediately. Please keep your redstone machines **small**.
  • If your redstone machine is left on when you log out and causes issues for players, your redstone machine may be broken or removed by staff.
  • You can AFK at grinders. However, please do not circumvent the AFK server kick to allow too many mobs to spawn near you. This also means we do not allow AFK fishing machines.
  • Redstone machines and/or grinders should not be floating in the air. However, if you decorate around them and create a building for them, that's fine. (This can't just be a giant floating cobblestone block, some thought should go into its decoration.)

Mob Farms

  • Iron Farms must be kept compact, the following link is an ideal example of what is allowed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_PnRTWCxVo&t=1s - Iron Farms MUST be approved by inspector BEFORE put into use.
  • One Iron Farm per Player
  • Gold Farms are NOT allowed.
  • Nether mob grinders are allowed as long as they do not involve redstone and comply with rules.

The rules state that mob farms should not be excessive. We ask players follow the 1:2 ration, meaning 2 blocks of space for every 1 mob. No more than 100 mobs per type should be near each other. Players will first receive warnings/reminders, if they still fail to comply their farms will be culled to an appropriate size by admins. Repeatedly and gratuitous offenses which blatantly ignore reminders and warnings will result in unwhitelisting. This rule is so all players can have a lag-free time on our server.

Darkness Spawning

Clearing out a flat, empty space in order to make mobs spawn in absolutely darkness is only allowed if the area is rigged with on/off lights that are controlled by a switch and activated with the area is not in use. The area must not be designed to spawn more than 100 aggressive mobs.

If this area is discovered, player will be immediately warned and given 30 minutes to rig a light system. Failure to do so will either result in unwhitelisting or destruction of the structure.

The End

Mechanical redstone devices or mob grinders that in any way farm exp or items from mobs in The End are strictly prohibited. Please refer to the community Enderman Grinder if you want exp.

Client-Side Mods

Categories of Allowed Modifications

  • Client performance improvement modifications (e.g. FPS improvement mods).
  • Aesthetic modifications (e.g. shaders modifications).
  • Armor and Effect Status hud modifications.
  • Brightness and gamma adjustment modifications.
  • Minimap modifications, provided they do not show additional data such as players, entities or underground cave systems.

Any other categories of modifications should be treated as disallowed. Contact Jellyplz if you have a specific mod you'd like to petition to be added as allowed.

Categories of Banned Modifications

  • Change the vanilla mechanics
  • Create an unfair advantage

Allowed Mods

  • Forge
  • Optifine
  • Shaders
  • Just Enough Items
  • Not Enough Items
  • Rei's Minimap - Cave mapping / Mob radar must be disabled
  • Journey Minimap - Cave mapping / Mob radar must be disabled
  • Zan's Minimap - Cave mapping / Mob radar must be disabled
  • Xaeros MiniMap - Cave mapping / Mob radar must be disabled
  • VoxelMap - Cave mapping / Mob radar must be disabled
  • TabbyChat
  • Waila
  • InventoryTweaks
  • 5Zig

Ban-able Offenses

  • Macros/Auto-clicking/Scripts
  • Schematica/Schematic Mods
  • Auto-Fish
  • Chest Finder
  • X-Ray Mods / Texture Packs
  • World Downloaders
  • BetterPvP
  • Anti-AFK Mods
  • NoFall
  • Duping Items Mods/Hacks/Exploits

Inactivity Policy

How To Get Unwhitelisted For Inactivity

  • You are a newly whitelisted player and you have not initially logged in within 5 days of your acceptance e-mail.
  • You do not have a Player Warp and you have been inactive for 18 days.
  • You have previously broken one or several rules and you have been inactive for 18 days.

How to Avoid Being Unwhitelisted for Inactivity

  • Follow our rules and have a Player Warp and use GriefPrevention to mark your claim(s).
  • Remain active in our Discord chat. (If you leave Discord, we will assume you've moved on.)
  • Post in our inactivity thread if you are going on vacation. You will be given an 18 day grace period past the return date you provide in the thread.

Players who follow the above rules will have 25 days before being unwhitelisted for inactivity.

If you are concerned about our whitelist poilicy, you can work towards earning Veteran status (Player Ranks) to avoid ever being unwhitelisted for inactivity.

How to Come Back After Inactivity Unwhitelisting

E-Mail geekyinhouston@gmail.com and explain the situation in which led you to be inactive.

What Happens When Unwhitelisted

  • All player items will be donated to newbie donations
  • Builds will be given to the server for reclaim or raiding
  • Shops and land plots at spawn will be removed and sold to other players
  • DynMap markers and GriefPrevention claims will be removed
  • Access to Discord will be revoked
  • Forum account will be deleted


We ask that chat in Discord, Server, and the Forum is kept relatively family friendly. Curse words should be used in moderation and never directed at another player. We are all adults here, but we want to create a clean and stress-free environment, because who wants to be reminded of how much IRL sucks when they're playing Minecraft? Not us.


We aren't super strict about swearing. However, we ask players keep it to a minimum or refrain from using it in a negative manner. We consider "negative swearing" to be swearing directed at other players or "raging" about in-game events. Anything that takes the game from Shrek-level funny to uncensored South Park-level would be considered excessive.

Inappropriate Topics

The following are considered inappropriate topics for a Minecraft setting:

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Overtly Graphic Sexual/Crude Subjects
  • Crime/Graphic Violence
  • Racial Slurs/Hitler Jokes
  • Hate Speech towards certain races, nationalities, genders, or sexual orientation
  • Suicide
  • Child/Animal Abuse


We consider drama as the following:

  • Players who publicly complain about the server or staff, if you don't like the server... why are you here?
  • Advertise other MC servers
  • Disrespect towards other members or to staff
  • Using staff owned resources to conspire other members or the server rules
  • Name-calling/rudeness toward members
  • Public question of admin authority or arguing over rules
  • Negative attention-seeking behavior such as constant spamming commands
  • Lying about breaking rules
  • Trolling/"Walking the Line" in regards to drama instigation
  • Bad attitude, passive-aggressive remarks, and toxic behavior

Players who behave in this way will be unwhitelisted from the server and banned from our website.

How to Handle Your Criticism, Suggestions, and Questions (Like An Adult)


  • Making "grand stand" declarations in-chat regarding ideas/rule changes
  • Complaining in public chat
  • Forum threads to open to community discussion, server changes are decided by admins for the good of the community - not by the community
  • Arguing about rule enforcement or changes

Pot-stirring, inciting rebellion, or publicly challenging authority is not conducive to a mature, friendly environment. Therefore, it will absolutely not be tolerated. If you decide to behave immaturely, you will not be mollycoddled. This behavior is not acceptable in real life both professional and personal, it is not acceptable in our online community either. You cannot build successful, mature relationships by acting childish and brash with no respect for the time and work the administration puts into our community. That is simply not the way the real world works.


  • Submitting ideas, suggestions, and concerns to our Monthly Survey
  • PMing jellyPLZ or Pointyy on Discord or in-game (typically Jelly for community management / Pointyy for back-end server issues)
  • PMing one of our many Helpers who are in a constant and direct line of communication with Admins
  • Submitting your suggestion in our Suggestion Box

If you have concerns, questions, or complaints, we are happy to listen to them and take your opinions and thoughts to heart via Private Message. We have an open door policy and want our players to know whether they are newbies or veterans, we will take their opinions/ideas into consideration and gladly listen to them.

Proven Track Record of Community Involvement

We hold monthly surveys in order to gain a fair perspective of our players and their enjoyment of the server. Players who have messaged us with questions and concerns are those who have influenced change for the better of the server; things like more leniency for mining on the map, more communication concerning redstone/mob-grinders, lessening of latency and lag on the server, and tweaks to our plugins.

Why This Process Is Important

Time Limitations - Admins have limited time, resources, and above all tolerance in entertaining ill-behaved or immature players. We handle event planning, community organization, advertisement, budgeting, server expansion/maintenance, and day-to-day issues/tickets. All we ask is that you respect our process and know it's in place for your benefit.

Veteran & Donor Obligations - We run the server on our own free will as a hobby with our own time and money, with a very clear vision of our server goals. We also run it on the time and money donated by legacy players and new players, it is our responsibility to enforce our rules to the players who put positivity and hard-work into our community. We strive to show our members respect and only ask that you show us (and the server we all work on) respect as well.

Personal Integrity - We try to be firm in equally enforcing rules to all players. We want players to know that we are fair, reasonable, and under certain circumstances even forgiving. We also want you to trust that we have the best interest in heart for our community and hope you can see that through our actions.

Real Life - Please remember it is our goal to maintain a fair and balanced Minecraft server, but we also have IRL responsibilities (maintaining our marriage, spending time with friends/family, work, school, and our pets!) We are not robots, we are human beings; showing understanding of that will go very far with us.

Circumventing Rules

The rules are designed not to restrict players, but to make the map and environment a place where we all want to play. Therefore, intentionally bending rules in order to cheat is against our policy.

  • Bending rules regarding chat: If you are constantly complaining, whining, or being negative about the server or staff, you will be asked to bring these things to our attention privately. Failure to do so or to continue with negativity in a passive aggressive or "funny" way, will be deemed as negative trolling behavior. (IE: Joking about breaking rules or pretending to not follow rules is deemed toxic behavior.)
  • Creating claims solely to harvest/destroy land, including trying to expand mining land without building on the actual claim. If you want to mine somewhere, you can ask friends to use their mines or use the Bloodlands. We do not want unused land on our map to be destroyed/harvested so that new players can find a nice place to call home.
  • Having multiple claims, projects, or unclaimed areas that you build on is totally fine.

Warnings/Breaking Rules/Forgiveness

Our policy on rule enforcing is to talk softly and carry a big stick. We use warnings to enforce minor infractions. Warnings only collect if the same infraction is consistently broken or or a player seems to be intentionally breaking rules. This is because we know everyone makes mistakes or forgets rules. We are teachers and guides, preferring to be gentle with members who have good intentions. We would rather have a server of loyal players willing to learn the rules than players who are afraid of us or who get angry about the rules, we've played on servers like that and we don't want to recreate those servers. We are all adults here, we only wish to create an environment that everyone can enjoy.