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Worried about feeling unfamiliar with the plugins? Don’t be! While we have an extensive wiki to guide you, each plugin is carefully introduced at spawn via various tutorials or tips. You can also visit our Help Desk at the Train Station. Because we know there is nothing more tiresome than scanning pages and pages of wiki when you first join! Stonewick has a variety of anti-grief and anti-cheat plugins installed to protect our spawn, map, and your builds. We use a block logging plugin as well as guards against lava, fire, and TNT. Visit Commands List for a list of all usable commands and Player Ranks to see who has access to them.

Notable Plug-Ins

Protection Plug-Ins

Superficial Plugins

  • Shopkeepers - Custom NPCs only for Spawn use, not player use.
  • Decorative Heads - Purchase decorative heads at Spawn from NPCs, also drops your head on death.
  • BetterChairs - Right click a stair and sit in it like a chair.