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Welcome to Stonewick! The Stonewick Wiki is intended for documentation purposes to educate community members on the server. The following information is appropriate for the wiki: directories of locations, game guides, server information, and player details. Stonewick is a semi-vanilla Minecraft server that focuses on quality of its community members and kinship. The wiki is here to help inform new players and as a resource for all.

About Stonewick

Stonewick is a Semi-Vanilla Adult (18+) Whitelist Minecraft Server run by a married couple in their early thirties. Stonewick offers a multitude of amenities including, but not limited, to: multi-worlds, completed Nether Hub, anti-grief/land protection plug-ins, and monthly events. Learn More

Table of Contents

Getting Started Plug-Ins Careers Help

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Server Culture Regarding the Wiki

We encourage players to actively answer new players' questions regarding the server, plugins, or anything else in relation thereof. Using the wiki as a supplement for helpfulness and friendliness is not the intent of the wiki. Instead, the wiki serves as an archive and catalog of useful information for those who wish to dig deeper into the server and community. We wish to promote community by providing this extra resource and hope that our newer players are resourceful enough to seek it out.

To read more about our culture, visit Policies.

Contributing to the Wiki

  • In order to contribute to the wiki, please register for an account on this MediaWiki page.
  • Post on the thread Sign-Up
  • Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Wiki Guidance

  • Keep the language of the wiki professional and third person.
  • Limit linking to the forum, as threads are often subject to change. It is better to link to pages within the wiki.
  • What have people been working on? Consult Recent Changes

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