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Stonewick is a very active and wonderful community, filled with players who genuinely care about building friendships. We try to be as warm and welcoming as possible. We know we differ from other servers in both our community and the way our server is run. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, to help you navigate our world and get involved!

Introduce Yourself

This is the easiest way to get to know our new members and our players really do love reading about you! You can introduce yourself on our forums.

Note: Make sure you sign up to the forums with your Minecraft IGN so your account will be recognized for activation.

Join our Discord

We have a very laidback approach to voice chat, typically using it only for projects and events. We primarily use Discord as a text and picture share platform. Also, our Discord is linked to our Minecraft server. So you can stay in touch with us wherever you go!

Complete the Player Tour

Our player tour is fun and informative! Make sure to read each Player Tour station so you learn as much as you can about our server! You will also get rewards along the way!

Read Our Wiki

Player warp sign? Support tickets? Redstone Inspectors? These may be new concepts to you! Nothing prepares you for being a community member more than familiarizing yourself with our rules and policies. Here’s some good places to get started:

Read Bulletin Boards

We have several boards at spawn. They all support varying and differing information to players and also serve as a way players can communicate with each other.

Community News Board - Located at the train station and updated every week. We post contest winners, news, and events.

Community Center Board - A place where players can post whatever they’d like.

Yalp! - A place for players to review different shops.

Visit the Community Center

Our Community Center is used to collect player project donations, dispense contest awards, inform about our spawn, and announce our monthly survey. Make sure to stop by every now and then to see what’s happening on the server!

Do Your Dailies

You know those daily crates? They’re a really great excuse to go to spawn! Not only do you get great prizes, but it’s a wonderful way to run into other players!

Buy a Weekly Gazette

You can buy the gazette from the NPC at the train station next to the bulletin board. The gazette offers a listing of this week’s trades at spawn. It also has player events and important info.

Get Your Player Warp

Player Warp Signs are 1 per player. To learn more about how they make our map easier to navigate visit Player Warp.