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Do I have access to /sethome, /home, or /tpa?

No, regular members do not have access to special teleportation commands. Instead, you are allowed one personal Player Warp, which is on a sign connected to your base and to the Nether Hub.

How do I know what commands I have access to?

You can read more about which commands you have by using /help or visiting the Commands List

How do I know how much play time I have?

Use /topplayed or /playtime <name>

How can I a message an Admin or Helper when they message me but they aren't listed in TAB?

When staff is in vanish mode, they don't show up under the TAB list. You can use the /r <message> command to respond to them.

How do I get a crate key? OR What is /kit?

Instructions on how to obtain a crate key are posted under every crate you find at spawn. Unless otherwise noted, crate keys are typically obtained via using the /kit command.

How can I check how long a player has been on?

You can use the /seen <playername> command.


What are coins and how do I get them?

Coins are the server's currency, they are based off of emeralds.

10 coins = 1 emerald = 2 diamonds = 32 iron ingots; 1 iron ingot = 8 gold ingots.

You can can exchange coins for emeralds OR ingots, diamonds, or emeralds for coins at any ATM or at the bank at spawn. To check how many coins you have, you can type /balance or /bal.

For more information see Economy & Chest Shop or Guide to Making Money.

How do I check how many coins I have?

Players start out with $50 when they first join (that's 50 coins or 5 emeralds). You can check how much money you have by using the command /balance or /bal.

How can I get a shop at Spawn?

You can get a free kiosk or purchase a shop plot.

For more information see Plots.

How do I make a chest shop?

All you need to make a player shop is the item you're selling and a chest. For instructions on how to create a chest shop visit Economy & Chest Shop.

Nether Hub

Where is the Nether Hub Portal at Spawn?

At the Train Station in the back of the train that you first spawn in at.

How do I exit into the Nether from the Nether Hub?

There is a one way only exit in one of the 3D murals on the wall in the Main Room of the Nether Hub.

What is a player warp sign and how do I get it?

You can apply for a player warp sign after you've reached 10 hours of playtime on the server. For more information how player warp signs work visit Player Warp or Warp/Nether Hub.

How many nether tunnels can I claim in the hub?

You are not currently limited to how many tunnels you can claim as long as they are all used. For more info visit Nether Hub & Setting Up Nether Portal.

How many player warp blocks can I have?

Players are only allowed one personal warp.

Why do I have to make my nether portal in a "special way" instead of it naturally generating like in singleplayer?

Portals do not "remember" what portal they are linked to in the other world, but instead perform the following whenever a portal is used by a player:

Calculate the destination coordinates based on the entry coordinates by flooring the X- and Z-coordinates (Java floor() method the largest integer less than or equal to the argument, so an X- or Z-coordinate of -29.5 becomes -30, not -29), then multiplying or dividing them by 8 depending on direction of travel. The Y-coordinate is not modified. This translation can be represented by the following pseudocode:

At destination, the game looks for the closest active portal block within a 128-block "radius" (actually, a maximum distance along a horizontal axis) of the player (257 × 257 × 128 tall box volume centered horizontally on destination coordinate). An active portal is defined as a portal block that does not have another portal block below it, thus only the 2 lowest portal blocks in the obsidian frame are considered. If one exists, teleport the player to the closest one as determined by a 3D distance in the new coordinate system (including the Y coordinate, which can cause seemingly more distant portals to be selected).

This is particularly difficult when there are multiple portals that are naturally generated (setting up a portal in the overworld and going through it, making it "naturally generate" in the nether world. Therefore, we ask players use the handy guide to set up their portals: Nether Hub & Setting Up Nether Portal


How do I claim land?

All you need is a WOOD shovel and a stick!

For more information see GriefPrevention.

Are chests protected on claimed land?

Yes! If you'd like to grant access to your chests for a friend, but not allow a player to build. You can do /ContainterTrust <player name>.

For more information see Land Claim Commands

How can I protect chests without using GriefPrevention?

Shift+click a sign to your chest and it will show up as [Private]. This means it is locked.

For more information see Plug-Ins

Do I have to claim my land?

It is important for us to see your landclaims on DynMap so other players know how far away to build from you. While it is not mandatory to claim your land, to encourage players to claim land we do not take priority to base grief tickets unless under special circumstances.

For more information see Claiming Land

Help! I'm trapped in a player's claim!

You can use the command /trapped to help save you from staying, well, trapped!

Why doesn't /trapped work at Spawn?

Spawn is protected by WorldGuard, not GriefPrevention, so /trapped does not work. If you are are stuck at spawn, please wait for a Helper to assist you.

[PvP] Bloodlands

What does "UHC" or "Ultra-Hardcore" mean?

UHC or Ultra-Hardcore means that in this world there is no natural or food health regeneration. All health is regenerated via gold apples or health potions.

What is the Bloodlands?

The Bloodlands is a separate map that is UHC and encourages anarchy/pvp. In the Bloodlands, you can mass harvest, build, destroy or steal whatever you'd like.

For more information see Bloodlands


What are Support Tickets and how do I submit one?

A Support Ticket is a forum thread that must use proper title tagging and application format. These are requests for admins to fulfill such as plot purchases, warp signs, lava placement, bug reporting, etc. The Support Ticket responsibilities are split between both admins, meaning tickets are sometimes resolved in a staggered method. For instance, jellyPLZ might handle all the warp tickets one night and another night pointyy may complete all the plot purchases.

Tickets are typically looked at every 2-3 days. We provide an estimate time they will be fulfilled on the upper left hand side (on top of the channels) in our Discord.

Tickets that do not use proper title tagging, application format, or do not provide detailed coordinates and information are automatically denied. For more information see Support Ticket.

How many animals can I have?

You can have 100 animals of each kind maximum. Just because your animals are not in pens, does not mean they are not subject to this rule. To prevent mob cramming in pens or grinders, mob areas are subjected to the 1:2 rule. Meaning for every 1 animal, you should provide 2 blocks of horizontal air. Fore more info see Policies.

Why are there such strict rules regarding Redstone?

Redstone rules like ours are not uncommon on smaller semi-vanilla and vanilla servers. Just because we have strict rules, does not mean we do not like redstone or mob-grinders. We love these devices and incorporate them into community builds! However, the reason why we must keep strict rules is because our server can quickly become over-powered if a few people break the rules. If everyone has a huge iron farm, for instance, the server would lag for everyone. Why are not trying to be nit-picking and we promise we hold everyone to the same standards. We appreciate players who understand this and work hard to create devices within our Policies.

If this is a server for adults 18+, why do I have to police what I say/how much I swear?

This is a server for adults who want a stress-free environment and cherish the more sweet moments of minecraft. This doesn't mean our players don't occasionally swear or sometimes break out in a game of CAH in voice chat. But, for day-to-day playing, some people find it difficult to relax when other players are dropping f-bombs, raging about a creeper blowing them up with explicit language, or discussing religion/politics. This doesn't mean you're constantly policed by admins, it means if you cross the line (harsher swear words, f-bombs, politics, religion, etc) we will remind you of the rule. Our players use Minecraft as a way to relax after a long day of work or school (or both). We want to preserve an environment where we can enjoy the innocence of Minecraft and occasionally laugh about an innuendo. We realize we cater to a specific niche of players and we're okay with that, if you want to constantly swear and make offensive jokes there are plenty of servers out there for you.

Is it really necessary to have sternly worded and lengthy rules/policies? Is this indicative of previous server drama or flaw in adminship?

JellyPLZ has been in the mod/admin position of multiple servers since MC 1.4 (2012). When it comes to trolls, griefers, and pot-stirrers she's pretty much seen it all, which is how she adopted her speak softly and carry a big stick approach (which is actually an ideology embraced by some interesting people). From her experience, it has been easier to make sure everyone is on the same page when they know what is expected of them. Lengthy and fair policies, cut down on arguments about rules, drama about unfair enforcement, and ultimately creates and breeds a more peaceful community as players tend to work better together. We hope to continue our peaceful, happy community by enforcing rules that with diplomacy and trust, can be bent, but never broken no matter "who you are". It is not about micro-management, it's about fostering fair-play style to create a peaceful environment and provide a lag-free server to play on for free.

Server Information

Who runs this server?

The server is owned, created, and moderated by jellyPLZ and pointyy. They are a married couple in their early thirties who work full-time and also attend university. Server creation, organization, and maintenance is their hobby in their spare time, which is why they run it on a schedule so they can also enjoy playing on it and other games.

What are the server stats?

Mode: Hard

Render Distance: 8

Memory: 16 gb

When do you plan on expanding the map?

We hope to only make map expansions for each Minecraft update. This is so the map doesn't grow too big, too fast and causes us to wipe prematurely. With some Minecraft updates, new blocks, item generations, and mobs are introduced. These new items do not generate land that has been generated in an older expansion. This is why we try to preserve our current map as much as we can.

If resources become limited and land becomes scarce, we are prepared to make minor expansions. This is not by player request.

Can I have the seed to the map?


What does [SMP] and [PvP] mean?

We have two worlds our SMP regular world and our PvP world Bloodlands. When you see the green [SMP] prefix it means players are in the regular overworld. The gray [SMP] prefix means they are in the Nether. The purple [SMP] prefix means they're in The End. The red [PvP] prefix means they're in the Bloodlands.

What are the symbols in front of player names?

They indicate the Player Ranks.

I have lag! WHAT DO!?

There are two types of lag: server side lag and client side lag. For more information see Lag.

Server Side Lag

Cause: A plugin is broken and causing a memory leak.

Solution: Admin needs to shut the server down and identify the problem.

Cause: Server is running out of memory, everyone is experiencing lag.

Solution: More memory must be purchased.

Cause: Multiple servers hosted on one machine, sharing data and negatively effecting our server.

Solution: Get a more reliable host. Involves switching hosts, work may take up to 2 days.

Cause: A player is operating rule-breaking redstone devices or has spawned too many entities in one area.

Solution: Remove the devices/mobs and unwhitelist player, may need a server restart.

Player Side Lag

Cause: Your computer may not be able to load a high amount of entities (mobs, signs, torches, carts, etc)

Solution: Lower your render distance and consider downloading Optifine to help manage what items render for you.

Cause: You are one of many or few that is experiencing lag.

Solution: You may be experiencing internet connectivity issues. Please contact your internet provider.

More Information

[SMP] Main World

Where can I build?

Please consult our DynMap. On the map, you can see player builds and protected builds (red squares). You can build 200 blocks from any player build/protected square.

How do I know if I'm 200 blocks from a player?

Look at the DynMap.

If a chest is unclaimed, can I take things from it?

If the chest has a sign indicating all players can take from it (ie: New Player Donations): Yes

If it is a treasure chest is in a dungeon or village that looks like it hasn't been claimed: Yes

Any other time: Absolutely NOT.

Can I build in multiple locations?

Absolutely, just remember to build/mine 200 blocks from other players and be mindful about keeping the map pretty.

Does my land have to be claimed?

No, however, if your land is not claimed you forfeit the rights to a speedy rollback or item retrieval if griefed. It will also be easy for players to mine under your base by accident.

Why can't I place lava?

Unfortunately with our grief protection plugins, lava protection is "all or nothing". Therefore, in order to keep lava from being used to grief, we handle all lava placement individually. If you need lava placed, please write a Support Ticket.


How do I leave Spawn?

If you are a new player, you must complete the Player Tour in order to leave spawn. No, really. You have to read all the signs and finish the tour, otherwise you cannot physically leave. Once you've completed the tour, you can leave from Spawn by going back to the train station you started in. Go to the back of the train and leave out the Nether Hub. From there, you can navigate everywhere on the map. Learn more about how to navigate the Warp/Nether Hub.

How do I purchase a plot?

Fill out a Support Ticket! Unless you mean, how do I buy more claim blocks? If that's what you're looking for, consult the Commands List!