Create A Nation

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It costs $80,000 to create a Nation. To create a nation, you must submit a Support Ticket!

Players can create a Nation by combining two or more officially established Stonewick towns.

The towns combined must meet the following requirements:

  • Towns must be completed and official
  • Towns must be within 500 blocks of each other

A Nation must meet the following requirements:

  • National Flag (Banner)
  • National Song (Book)
  • Capital Building
  • Museum
  • Railway or Subway connecting towns
  • 3 or more Laws
  • National Monument
  • Public Villager Trading Area


  • Monarch Trophy
  • Dailies Crate
  • Spawner of Your Choice (No Villager)
  • 2 Full Beacons
  • 2 Double Chests of Materials