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Crates are fairly simple. They appear as a plain chest with 3D text hovering over it. Left click the crate to view potential rewards, right click with a key in your hand to activate (open) the crate. The crate key looks like a shiny tripwire hook and is clearly marked. Once opened, a crate randomly gives a reward based on probabilities.

To obtain a key, use /kit <key name>. The instructions to a crate are typically posted on a sign below the crate.

Seasonal Crates

Every month we typically have a theme or event. Often times, to promote the event or other server contests, we may have a seasonal crate. Seasonal Crates can last or month or be as short as a day or two. Often times how you learn about the seasonal crate is by typing /kit and then finding the crate at spawn.

Town Crates

Every town has a main crate. To travel to the town to open the crate, you'll need to use the sign warp at the Train Station.

Permanent Crates

Dailies Crate

Located: Community Tree at Spawn

Key Obtained: Type in "/key dailies" to be awarded a key every 24 hours

Contents: Contents: diamond, emerald, iron, ingots, rose bush, or glowstone

Gifts Crate

Located: Community Tree at Spawn

Key Obtained:

  • You have 10+ hours in /playtime and have claimed your mailbox/warp
  • You post a positive comment about the server on either the MCF thread or the reddit one.
  • The comment cannot be spam or just a few words.
  • You aren't spamming or making duplicate posts.

Contents: Wither skull, 32 iron, diamond sword, blaze rods, emeralds, steaks, potions, cake

Rewards Crate

Located: Community Tree at Spawn

Key Obtained: Rewarded randomly for players who show acts of random kindness to others.

Contents: Lapis, bottle o' enchanting, golden apple, ender pearls, emeralds, or name tag

Prizes Crate

Located: Community Tree at Spawn

Key Obtained: Winning a server event/contest Contents

Contents: Enchanted fishing rod, enchanted bow, enchanted pick axe, silk touch enchantment, stack of leather, wither skull, 32 iron blocks