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See Player Ranks to check if you have access to these commands.



/msg <player> OR /tell <player> - Send private message

/r - Respond to the most recent private message you've received.


/kit <kit name> - Gives you kit, primarily used to obtain crate keys


/bal or /balance - Check your own balance

/balance <player> - Check another player's balance

/pay <player><amount> - Pay another player

/balancetop - Who has the most money on the server

/shop create <amount> <buy-price> <sell-price> - Create shop Plug-Ins

/shop remove - Remove shop


/motd - Read the message of the day

/rules - See the rules

/seen <player> - Check when the last time a player was on

/getpos - Get your current coords, hassle free for setting up your nether portal

/near - See who is nearby

/topplayed - Check playtimes for members of Stonewick

To see your own playtime you can use either /topplayed or press esc > options > time played.

Land Claims

/AbandonClaim - Abandons the claim you're standing in

/Trust <player> - Grant full access trust to player

/Untrust <player> - Revoke full access trust to player

/AccessTrust <player> - Give access to benches, tables, and doors to player

/ContainerTrust <player> - Gives access to buttons, levers, furnaces and chests

/Subdivideclaims - Create sub-claims

/BasicClaims - Go back to basic claims mode

/PermissionTrust - Grants player trust to share claim trust with others

/Untrust All - Untrust all trusted players

/Abandonallclaims - Abandons all claims

/ClaimsList - Tells you your claims locations & how many blocks you have left

/buyclaimblocks - Let's you buy claim blocks

/Trapped - Use if trapped in another players claim


Inherits Commands from Member Roles

/spawn - Takes you to spawn

/sethome <name> - Allows you to set a home (limited to 1)

/home - Allows you to TP to a home


Please see Helper Handbook.