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Welcome Wagon Career

Welcome Wagon players do very specific things to make sure our new players feel welcome!

  • Greet the player in-person to say hello and give them a "low level" food (cookies, bread, or fruit)
  • Let them know they can ask you any questions about their tour
  • Don't follow them around during their tour, just wish them well and go on your way
  • Help answer newbie questions and provide links to our wiki and dynmap
  • Collect donations and deliver "care packages" to players who receive their 10 hours warp

Note: Please do not give players OP items or care packages when they first arrive. Let them settle in and deliver presents once they get their warp.

This article is in relation to Careers and Jobs.

Become a Welcome Wagon

Submit a Support Ticket.


  • Have more than 50 hours playtime
  • Active on the server
  • Be friendly and outgoing to players
  • Follow the above guidelines

Getting Paid

Post in the Payment Request Thread each time you work a job. You will get paid for every completed job.