Warp/Nether Hub

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Warp/Nether Hub

Train Station

You start off in the world spawning in our trusty train. Move forward to exit into the train station and Stonewick Overworld, move backward to visit our Warp/Nether Hub. Entering the train station, you are first greeted by the Help Desk NPC. He can provide you with helpful books in exchange for gold nuggets. Then you'll find our bulletin board, updated weekly. If you go further you'll see the second floor is for new player tours and the first floor we have an NPC stationed along with a handful of helpful warps. We only use sign warps in two locations, here at the train station and in the World Travel Room (Nether).

The NPC in the train station sells biome-specific harvest-able items at inexpensive prices to reduce biome destruction. On his booth is a sign in which you can warp for a very small fee ($1) to the Overworld wilderness (500 blocks away) where you can build. There are also four signs, one for each Player Warp Room, priced at $8 each for quick transportation. Each warp point also has a warp sign back (sometimes hidden) as well as a nether portal that is connected to its mini-nether hub.

Main Room

In the back of the train cart at the train station is the entrance to the Warp/Nether Hub. Each section of the hub has a hint about where the path leads. The main halls (NSEW) are for nether tunnels, they lead outward to mini-nether hubs with nether brick. The wall facing outward has two scenes which describe the biomes you will be exiting out of when you reach the end. The warp halls lead outward katy-corner with white quartz. There are many Secrets in the Warp/Nether Hub and there will be many more added.


Player Warp & Mailbox - You can claim one mailbox/warp station in the Warp Halls after 10 hours of playing. To request your player warp, fill out a Support Ticket.

Nether Tunnels - You can claim as many nether stations as you need (within reason) to travel to your home, base, and projects. Please make sure you follow this Nether Portal Guide

Hub Map

Nether Travel

N,S,E,W Nether Hub Halls

These hallways lead to four different mini-Nether hubs. Each one leads to the Overworld and its portal is marked on the Dynmap [1]. You can quickly warp to the overworld portals, which are 500 blocks from Spawn, by using the warp signs clearly marked at the Train Station for a small fee.


The North Mini-Nether Hub wall is decorated with a jungle tiki bar and a pyramid temple. The mini-hub itself is decorated as a jungle temple and leads to a jungle biome in the Overworld.


The East Mini-Nether Hub wall is decorated with a witch hut and a plains biome. The mini-hub itself is decorated as a wonderland and leads to a birch forest biome in the Overworld.


The South Mini-Nether Hub wall is decorated with a dark oak forest and underwater ocean. The mini-hub itself is decorated as a submarine and leads to a ocean biome in the Overworld.


The West Mini-Nether Hub wall is decorated with a night time redwood biome and a snowy tundrea biome. The mini-hub itself is decorated as a fire and ice room and leads to a forest biome in the Overworld.

Warp Travel

NE,SE,SW,NW Warp Halls

North East

Library Warp Room

South East

Storm Warp Room

South West

Bouncy Warp Room

North West

Sushi Bar Warp Room

World Travel Room

Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Hide & Seek

Coming soon.