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Important Information

  • Spawn Coordinates: 213 / 77 / 799
  • Nether Hub Coordinates: 22 / 98 / 96

Spawn is Intentionally Designed

Last updated 11/25/2017
Stonewick is a unique server and we have a different set-up and vision that the majority of Semi-Vanilla servers.

We promote community and in-person interactions. Spawn is arranged so that traffic bottle-necks in certain areas (train, sunset tunnel, residential, and church) to encourage physical interactions. We want to provide a vanilla feel for our newbies. Those first ten hours are the hardest, because you really do play in full vanilla. While warps are super convenient, not having sethome and tpa forces our newbies to learn about our spawn and our culture.

A lot of our new players find spawn to be confusing, especially if they choose not to use the DynMap. Here are a few player suggestions that have been implemented to help make spawn easier to navigate:

  • Unique roads - Each road has a special ore or block incorporated in the design.
  • Color coded zones - If you notice, we have five different color flags that wave in the sky. They mark our different zones at Spawn.
  • City planning - Our zones are well planned (even if it looks disorganized). Red = important areas such as the bank, tavern, railway, and employment center. Blue = Mall and shops. Green = Residential/Rest Areas. Yellow * Community Farms/Quarries.
  • Tram System - We have a color coded tram (railway) that can take you around spawn to each zone for free.
  • Land Markers - We have land markers to help you navigate like flags, community center beacon, magical spawn tree, and our church.

Spawn is intentionally designed to hide easter eggs in plain site. If you notice, if you have issues there is typically always a player that jumps in to help. It's because they've all gotten lost at some point, but also discovered some of the Secrets and Mysteries at spawn. And, Stonewick players are proud to have accomplished that.

How to Learn Spawn Navigation

  • Using our DynMap to help you travel if you get lost.
  • Downloading a client-side mini-map mod
  • Installing your own nether portal and tunnel, connecting it to our hub. (Tutorial Here)
  • Using a compass to point you to spawn
  • Creating your own in-game map

Key Locations


One of the places you will find yourself in most often is the train. This is where you will teleport after using a warp sign to spawn. You may exit through the front to access the rest of spawn or you may use the nether portal located in the back of the train to take you to the Nether Hub. As you exit the front of the train and enter Stonewick Station, you will find the server rules, the donation goal wall, community events board, Stonewick Gazette vendor (which contains very valuable and entertaining information about the server current events), leaderboards, and township warps. The red tram located within the station will take you to just outside the Town Square. Residential Neighborhood: If you take a right as you exit Stonewick Station, you can cross the bridge into the Residential Neighborhood. Here, you may purchase a plot of land to build a home on and live within the comforts and conveniences of spawn.

Employment Center

If you take a left as you exit Stonewick Station and continue straight past the schoolhouse, you will find the Employment Center. Within the Center you may review job postings to either assist other players with tasks or improve the server as a whole. Some examples of jobs include writing for the Gazette, organizing events, building improvements, and courier, among others. There are also NPCs inside who offer new trades every week which may be especially valuable for new players.

Post Office

Continue south past the Employment Center and you will find the Post Office. Here, you may send mail and items to other players which will be delivered to their mail boxes found within the Nether Hub. There are also convenient (and free!) warp signs to teleport you to any of the four mini-hubs (Sushi, Bouncy, Library, and Storm) located within the Nether Hub. Just outside the Post Office you can also visit the Player Home of the Week. Town Square: If you take a left as you exit Stonewick Station and follow the road that hooks around to the north, you will eventually find yourself in the Town Square. The bulk of spawn’s amenities can be found here, including the Reward Crates, Bank, Library, Mall, Museum, Church, Aquarium, Quarry, and Community Center, as well as other player-run shops and stalls. Reward Crates: You can claim a daily reward crate each day by using the command “/kit dailies” and using the key on the corresponding chest in the center of Town Square. There are additional crates that can be claimed by players who show exceptional town spirit or who win various contests.


Stonewick’s economy is emerald-based, with options for trading up iron and diamonds as well. You can speak to the bank teller to trade up your denominations into emeralds and use the kiosks on either side of the counter to buy/sell your emeralds for dollars. Upstairs, you can claim a free safe deposit box to store your valuables.


There are ATMs (identifiable by the dark prismarine blocks) located within the bank and around spawn to buy/sell emeralds. Beware though, as some ATMs have service fees!


There is a full enchanting table available to the public on the second floor of the library.


Take the stairs up the mountain to visit the Mall where you can find player-run shops and kiosks selling a wide variety of items. Kiosks (consisting of three chests) can be claimed for free while full-size shops must be purchased from an admin. You can exit the mall by going back down the stairs, taking the Yellow Tram to the Community Farms, or by jumping down onto the PERFECTLY SAFE trampoline found below the front of the Mall.


Within the Museum, you can peruse the various trophies, gifts, and seasonal items that have been available on the server at one time or another.

Community Center

This is a great place to come for a reminder of the many different amenities available to you within spawn as well as updates on server events and contests. You can learn about purchasing your own shop or even your own township! Players can also claim a booth to collect items from the community for special server projects


The exquisitely designed church offers a place for quiet reflection as well as donation boxes to help our new players get off to a good start.


Located just behind the Church, the Graveyard is where we remember those who are no longer with us (due to their own bad behavior and rule-breaking). From here you can also enter The Bloodlands, an Ultra Hardcore PVP world where you can freely harvest and/or kill for resources. In this world, eating food does not restore health and you will lose all of your items upon death. Be sure to read all of the signs outside before entering!

Community Farm

Located at the end of the yellow tram line, here you can harvest wheat, trees, and wool. Just make sure to replant when you’re finished so other players can enjoy these resources as well! Aquarium: In order to maintain a more beautiful world, you can safely and conveniently collect gravel and clay at the Aquarium. Make sure that the Aquarium is COMPLETELY EMPTY before pushing the refill button for it to work properly.


Similarly to the Aquarium (and right next door!), you can farm sand at the Quarry without destroying our world’s deserts and beaches.

Tram/Quick Travel

Bring your minecart for convenient and quick travel throughout spawn.

Red line (Train to just outside Town Square) Blue line (Town Square to Mall) Yellow line (Mall to Community Farm) Stonewick Metro Bus: Located strategically throughout spawn are the Metro Bus Stops which can instantly warp you to the Mall or the Train.