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Train Station

New players spawn into our Stonewick Train, which unloads them to the Train Station. From there, we ask that players visit the Help Desk and learn how to use the /kit command by typing in /kit welcome. They get a few things like a wood axe, wood sword, leather tunic, and a few gold nuggets. Gold nuggets are used to buy help books from the help desk NPC. The train station is filled with mini-tutorials to help players learn basic functions of our server.

Important Note: New players should NOT be advised on how to circumvent the tour or leave spawn, they will be unable to. Do not provide short-cuts for players. Please encourage them to take the tour and ask them if they have any questions.

Players will learn:

  • Economy & ATM Use
  • Lockette
  • Anti-terraforming policy (NPC traders)

Docking Stations

There are pressure plate docking stations, numbered 1-13, on the Newbies' path through spawn. We ask Newbies please take their time reading each message as every stop introduces useful information for playing on the server. Players will also not be able to leave Spawn until they've successfully completed the tour.


Newbies should be advised to pay attention to landmarkers at spawn. Spawn has some important landmarkers: Community Farms, Community Residential Area, Player Mall, 4 flags in each corner of spawn, and the Community Tree in the middle of spawn. These are purposely made to help navigate around the spawn area.

Community Farms

Players should trade their minecart for iron with the NPC at the community farms. They can explore the farms and acquire very useful items there including: wool, wheat, shears, and oak logs. They can also see decorative heads for the first time, getting to see apple heads and bee/hive heads. The farm also serves as a mini-tutorial for our griefprevention plugin.

Key Elements

  • Chapel - Community donations for new players
  • Community Center - Community collections and communication
  • Auction House - Selling big ticket items
  • Dailies Crate - Learning how to use crates
  • Player Mall & Shops - Introduction to Economy & Shops
  • Museum - Teaches players about Server history, secrets, and trophies
  • Bank - Learn about the money exchange
  • Train Station - Learning how to navigate from overworld to nether and to warps
  • Warp/Nether_Hub - Players should learn how to get to the wilderness and how warps work