Player Ranks

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In-Game Player Symbols

  • [@] = Administrator/Server Owner
  • [!] = Helper
  • [^] = Veteran


Members get basic permissions. All players begin as members. You can view what you have access to here: Commands List

Career Ranks

Careers and Jobs -- Careers are giving a special emoji next to their Discord chat names. Careers are not technically a rank, however they do provide a service to our server. See who has a career here: Career List.


The Veteran rank exists as a reward for Members who go above and beyond to help build the server. The Veteran rank also holds some responsibilities. It's not easy to earn this promotion, however, the promotion is available to all players as long as they put in the work and contribute. It is not a popularity contest, it's a thank you for your service commemoration. Players found using AFK machines/fishing farms are disqualified from promotion.


  • Veterans are expected to be warm and welcoming to new players. It is part of our culture to be friendly to our newbies. We expect veterans to be helpful in answering questions, not just referring people to the wiki or website. Putting forth a little extra effort to help players find there place on the server.
  • Veterans are asked to help with server tours for new players.
  • Veterans are expected to give their honest opinions about what happens to the server as it progresses.
  • Veterans are expected to keep the peace and not encourage drama.


  • Access to /spawn
  • Access to /home (1 home)
  • View hidden users (when admins are hidden)
  • [Veteran] prefix


Players who have 100+ hours of playtime and take the following initiatives, will be chosen for veteran rank:

  • Hosts server events
  • Has contributed to spawn projects
  • Helpful to newbies
  • Helps educate others about server rules
  • Shows initiative and genuine interest in the server
  • Doesn't ask for promotion
  • Follows rules and contributes to server activity


Helper is the highest rank you can earn on Stonewick. We do not promote people to admin/op or server owner.


  • Answer basic questions about the server
  • Spy on players to make sure they aren’t afk fishing, x-raying, or crazy redstoning
  • TP players if they are stuck at spawn
  • Up-hold chat rules (keep it relatively family friendly)
  • Welcome newbies on the introductions forum
  • Sets up nether portals -- if players need help


Players who achieve veteran rank have the chance to become a helper.

  • Do not abuse veteran perks (they are for helping players)
  • Remain active on the server
  • Are a positive influence on our community
  • Have proven that you are a trustworthy individual