Mailbox Set Up

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Important: You must have a mailbox sign in order to have a Nether Warp. Do not set your mailbox to any box except the nether warp mailbox that you plan to use for your Support Ticket. This is called "claiming your sign warp station".
These steps must be done in this order. Editing a sign afterwards will break the connection

Step 1: Find your corresponding sign in the post office. If you have the Bouncy 6 warp in the nether, find the B6 sign.

Step 2: Edit the sign (shift + right click) and replace "Your Name" with your Minecraft name

2017-11-25 03.55.39.png

Step 3: Go to an unclaimed mailbox in the Subway that you want

2017-11-25 03.57.17.png

Step 4: Take out some redstone and left click your chest to start the linking process

Step 5: Go back to your sign in the post office

2017-11-25 04.00.00.png

Step 6: Left click your sign in the post office to link your sign and chest together

And voila! Now you have a super useful mailbox!


To send things to another player, have the item in your hand and right click the sign of the player that you want to send the item to. It will be removed from your inventory and placed in that player's chest.