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Coins & Emeralds

Our economy is based off of in-game Emeralds, which hold the highest value. You can exchange emeralds for Coins (in-game currency) at our ATMs. NPCs only take emeralds or other trade-able items. Coins are used for warp signs, secret signs, and player chest shops. You can use the /bal or /balance command to see how much money you have.

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The Bank: ATM & Exchange

An ATM is easy to locate. It is made up of dark prismarine and an emerald block. At the train station and the bank, you can buy 1 emerald for $10 or sell 1 emerald for $10. All other ATMs charge a service fee, where you can buy 1 emerald for $12 and sell 1 emerald for $8.

At the bank, you can exchange ingots and gems. Here is the exchange rate:

1 emerald = 10 coins

10 coins = 1 emerald

16 gold = 1 emerald

32 iron = 1 emerald

2 diamond = 1 emerald