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Community Towns

Within the Stonewick community, we have the ability to build a town and have it officially represented with both a warp and a loot chest.

A player built town does incur a one time fee of 25,000 coins and can be applied for via submitting a ticket:

These towns are completely vanilla built by players who have worked hard to accrue the resources and creatively assembled them into differing styles to represent there individual ideas.

I highly recommend each and every player on within this community to visit these towns and enjoy the opportunity of exploring anothers creativity. I hope you will find both inspiration and satisfaction from the experience.

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Efforton Lighthouse

 Town Major: AuxDemon
 Town was established: 15th October 2017

The first town to be built on the Stonewick server, this town set the benchmark for all who followed. Built primarily by AuxDemon (a retired helper), with some assistance from his friend Mikey29979.

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Dalgard Castle
Dalgard Harbour

Town Major: Lorgs
Town was established: 13th November 2017

Lorgs had always planned to build his home base in the form of the castle that now resides in the heart of Dalgard. Whencompleted, Lorgs continued with his Medieval/Norwegian Viking theme and transferred his unique building skills into building up the surrounding land to form the majesty that is now the town of Dalgard.

It apparently took around 40 hours of real time resource gathering and construction to complete this server wonder which im informed Lorgs built without any help at all. When asked if there was a general theme or plan behind this build, Lorgs response was: ‘’Everything I ever build is 80% improvised. So I didn’t have more planned then just putting a small town next to my base with a little Viking ship’’

At this point in time, Lorgs has no plans to start a nation, yet with many up and coming towns around him, he doesn't rule out the possibility in the future.

The town of Dalgard offers 6x plots of land for prospective developers to move in and build upon. These plots of land come at no charge, however Lorgs does insist on any builds adhere to the existing building styles so as not to disrupt the theme of the town. There are also pre-built shops available to claim for prospective traders.

- - - - - - - - -


Punxville Facilities
Punxville Overview

Town Major: DrPhilsMustache
Town was established: 29th November 2017

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Thebes Overview
Thebes Front Gate

Town Major: LuciTiger
Town was established: 16th December 2017

LuciTiger started off with the intention of building a town, however she had no plan or design to adhere to. Instead she began with the front gate and once built to her satisfaction, she proceeded to lay out the border of the surrounding area until she got a good feel for how the town would look. Major buildings were placed to get a good feel for the area, and the rest flowed together organically to form what is now well known as the town of Thebes.

LuciTiger admits that she had planned to get aid in building the town once started, but got carried away and found the town mostly built before she knew it. The town itself took approximately 100 real time hours over the period of a month from start to completion.

There are plans to expand the town with the possible addition of a Sphinx and maybe a zombie spawner , however nothing is confirmed as yet.

When asked if she'd be open to someone setting up a town nearby, LuciTiger's response was: I would LOVE that! There is still plenty of desert space to the northeast of Thebes. I think it’d be cool if someone built Tatooine. I think it's fair to say that we would all love to see this idea brought to life with the same skill and attention to detail that LuciTiger has shown us with Thebes.

Thebes boasts both ready made buildings for residents to set up trade in, as well as open plots for development. These structures should follow with the desert theme. Traders should be aware that as Thebes is a well known source of all types of Banners, the sale of these items from private traders is frowned upon and discouraged within this town.

As a final note, Thebes is also the home of the 'Thebes Quest', a challenging and fulfilling experience that rewards its champions with an exclusive banner and numerous trophies.

- - - - - - - - -


Town Major: servo270
Town was established: 3rd January 2018

Albion is yet another example of a town built by a solo player from the start. Unlike our previous builds, this town was built from a design. Always intended as a walled in town, Albion was constructed with the intention of keeping all buildings to a medieval yet small scaled design. The distinctive brick roofs set this town apart from any town built before it, making it yet another unique and well thought out creation within the Stonewick community.

Still in development after over 100 real time hours of landscaping and construction, Albion continues to grow within its walled borders. Once within the walls is filled, servo has plans to expand the surrounding area with residential properties bringing life to the area.

Servo informs me he has plans with other local town builders to work towards starting a nation. When this comes to be, we will witness the birth of the next evolution in Stonewicks future. Multiple towns working towards a common goal.

Albion is actively recruiting prospective developers to move in and add there own flair to the existing style. In servo's own words: Albion’s theme is adventure and trade, so whatever that means to you works for me.

Servo would also like to mention that a number of dungeons are being uncovered throughout the server, filled with unclaimed treasure. The first one was discovered outside Albion, and some excerts from a field journal leading to the dungeon are found in Albion’s crate. The Stonewick Adventurer’s Guild (headquartered in the residential area of spawn) has a quest board detailing the discovery of these dungeons.

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Town Major: SenorMintKiddo
Town was established: 7th February 2018

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Town Major: SkyBabelfish
Town was established: 16th February 2018

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Town Major: Endeavour
Town was established: 22nd February 2018