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Tips for preparing your farm for public use

1. Consider making your farm on a separate claim than that of your main base. This allows you to grant container permissions (so that they can access chests and use switches) to others for the mob farm only, while preventing them from breaking any blocks. For something like a tree farm, you would need to grant full access.

2. If you want to block off additional access routes into and out of your farm, you can still utilize Lockette signs placed on or above the doors.

3. As always, make sure your mob grinder has an on/off switch so that you are in accordance with the server rules.

4. Include signs explaining how to use the farm or for any special information that a player might need. For example, if your grinder includes a softener to weaken the mobs, explain that the button should only be pressed once.

List of Public Mob Spawners/Grinders

The End XP Farm ($75 fee to access)

This was primarily built by one of our veteran players, Chewiebaka, and the connecting hallways that lead to and from the farm were built by our very own helper, DrDaffodil! Fully built in survival, Chewiebaka built this farm over the course of two days.

You can access the Endfarm via our Netherhub. There is a staircase in the South-East corner of the Netherhub that leads directly to the Endfarm.
Alternatively, you can reach the stronghold via overworld at the following co-ordinates:
x -37, y 79, z 1541 (look for three blocks of glowstone & torches)

The Guardian Farm (Free Access)

This was a project built by: DrDaffodil, DrPhilsmustache, RxFairy, SenorMintKiddo, SweaterGoat & __Zig. Initially started up as a side project a couple of months after the server was founded, this project really kicked into overdrive when several members of the community expressed an interest and joined the effort. Once all six members of the 'Guardian Team' were on board, the project was completed within days. In a remarkable turn of generosity, these much valued members of the community donated this farm to be an open resource to all the members of Stonewick!

You can access the Guardian Farm via __Zig's nether tunnel in the West section of the nether hub. Once at the end of the tunnel, use the portal and you will find yourself on a small island. The farm is visible but requires a short swim/boat ride to reach.
Alternatively, you can reach the farm via overworld at co-ordinates:
x -1800, y 79, z -2950

BudSmokey's Skeleton Grinder (Free Access)

A simple and easy to use grinder, a great addition to the community farms of Stonewick.

Located at coordinates: x 1022, y 63, z 4302. The entrance is in the middle of the river that flows past Bud's towers.

SweaterGoat's Zombie/Cave Spider Grinder (Free Access)

A superb example of a double spawner setup, includes integrated lighting and individual on/off levers for your convenience.

Located at coordinates: x -1707, y 64, z 2945. Look for three torches and a wooden trap door. Just across the narrow river from the slime chunk.

SweaterGoat's Slime Chunk (Free Access)

Although slow to get going, this is an invaluable resource to the community. Slimes galore!

Located at coordinates: x -1727, y 64, z 2929. Look for three torches and a wooden trap door. Just across the narrow river from the zombie/cave spider grinder.

SenorMintKiddo's Zombie Farm (Free Access)

A very rough and ready zombie spawner donated to the community by our very own SMK. Fully equipped with life preserving cobble caging and an integrated lighting system, this modern spawner is open for business.

 Located at coordinates: x -228, y 64, z 672. Easiest way to access this spawner is via the West subway tunnel at the 500 meter station. Head North towards the mountain and look for 2 torches.

Thrillshire's Cave Spider Spawner (Free Access)

Extremely hazardous to ones health, it is highly suggested you bring a large quantity of milk when using this spawner (or a cow & bucket). Recommended for emergencies only.

 Located at coordinates: x 1556, y 71, z -640. Just proceed down the ladder.

Glasi13's Cave Spider Spawner (Free Access)

Although not the fastest of grinder setups, this will cater to all your string needs with the added bonus of being completely safe to use. Also complete with a full enchantment table for your convenience.

 Located at coordinates: x -2708, y 64, z 382. Look for the bad spider floating on the ocean.
 Alternatively, you can access this spawner via a rail network within Glasi's town (wip) coordinates: x -2635, y 63, z 188. Go down the stairs and take first left. Please return the carts when done.

List of Public Resource Farms

Spawn Nether Wart Farm

Generously built by DrPhilsmustache, this nether wart farm is located within the safety of spawn! It is recommended that you bring a tool with the Fortune enchantment on it (but NOT A SHOVEL) to increase your yield. It is very important that you REPLANT before you leave so that other players can also share in this resource.

Located on Shady Lane, behind the Mall: x 314, y 78, z 599.

Spawn Tree Farm

Mainly an initial source of safe timber for new players, this farm is open for the use of all members of the Stonewick community.

Located at Spawn at the following coordinates: x 25, y 63, z 592. DO NOT PLANT OAK SAPLINGS

Spawn Wool Farm

Built primarily as a safe way for new players to gather wool for their first bed, this farm provides a source of green wool.

 Located at Spawn at the following coordinates: x 58, y 65, z 545. DO NOT RE-DYE THE SHEEP

Spawn Wheat Farm

A source of food for new members before they proceed out into the wilderness.

 Located at Spawn at the following coordinates: x 51, y 64, z 578. PLEASE REPLANT ONCE HARVESTED