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Careers are held by qualified players like redstone inspector and wiki editor, where volunteers get paid by the server for the jobs they do. Careers all benefit the server in some way and they also generate money into our economy. The also retain a volunteer sub-"title" within Discord.

See who has a career here: Career List

  • Gazette Reporter - Interview veteran and staff players for our blog, help come up with short/cute stories for our weekly gazette
  • PvP Organizer - Help come up with great PvP ideas and work with staff and the community to orchestrate arenas and PvP events.
  • Stonewick Photographer - Collect and submit group pictures of players having fun!
  • Welcome Wagon - Collect donations and give welcome packages to new players.
  • Courier - Delivers items, letters, and gazettes to those who have a subscription.


  • Small Jobs: $600
  • Medium Jobs: $950
  • Large Jobs: $2500 - $4000

Applying for a Career

In order to gain a career you must fill out the appropriate Support Ticket and be accepted into the career. From there, you can post in the Payment Request Thread to report tasks you’ve completed in order to be paid.

Getting Paid

After you've been accepted into a career, you can submit your jobs to receive payment in the Payment Request Thread.


Jobs are projects players can apply to do within a certain amount of time and get paid for it. Jobs are posted in the Employment Center and details are within each of them. They vary greatly and are typically work around spawn. You do not need to be in a career to apply for a job. You just need to follow the instructions for the job posting.

Applying for a Job

Detailed instructions will be within the booklet of each job on qualifications and how to apply.