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The Bloodlands is our Ultra Hardcore Anarchy PvP world used for both PvP and harvesting materials to bring back to Stonewick SMP. It was introduced as a part of the 2017 Halloween Quest on 10/16/17. The graveyard with the main portal was previously a secret when the Master (NPC) popped up early October 2017 to foreshadow what was to come.

Key Features

  • Ultra Hardcore - You will not regenerate hearts by eating food, you only regenerate hearts by eating gold apples.
  • PvP Anarchy - Means in the Bloodlands, anything goes. You can kill your friends, loot their stuff, and destroy their PvP bases.
  • Keep Inventory is OFF - This means if you die in the Bloodlands, you drop your stuff.
  • Plugins Disabled - You cannot use Plug-Ins in the Bloodlands. The only plug-ins enabled are /balance to check your currency.
  • MobGrief is ON - Creepers and Endermen destroy blocks here!
  • FireSpead is ON - Fire spreads here!
  • Always Night - The sun never rises.
  • DynMap is Disabled - Makes it harder to hunt your friends!
  • Map Reset - The map is reset randomly to keep it fresh!

Bloodlands Rules

  • You can destroy and harvest whatever you'd like in the Bloodlands, except at Fort Kickass.
  • Absolutely no rule breaking redstone in the Bloodlands.

Entering the Bloodlands

Main Portal - Located in the graveyard behind the chapel.

You will spawn at the top of the Bloodlands tower, which is a very small protected safe zone. It is up to you to figure out how to get down from the tower. This is the start to your crazy adventure!

Exiting the Bloodlands

You can leave the Bloodlands via the portal at the top of the tower (leads to the graveyard in the SMP world) or the warp sign at the bottom (leads to the residential area).

Dos Lunas Tower

This is the tower you spawn into. This tower is protected by WorldGuard in a 75 block radius so that blocks cannot be destroyed. However, mob spawning and pvp are allowed in this area.

Fort Kickass & Group Therapy

One PvP disabled in Fort Kickass, a fort built during Group Therapy challenges. The fort is NOT to be raided, it's a safe haven for anyone who need helps or would rather play in the Bloodlands without facing PvP. Group Therapy is a server wide event for players to build together and meet a series of challenges within a certain time for high stakes prizes.