Last Week Recap

Ender Dragon Fight – We had a really fantastic time taking down the ender dragon! It went a lot smoother this time around and we had lots of players on to help! All players who participated received elytra, banner, ender chest, bottles of EXP, and a special trophy. One lucky player also got the ender dragon egg by winning the lottery, congrats CapinBOMB!

Suggestions Box – Since we are growing in both members and soon to be promoted staff, we will be only accepting well thought out suggestions via a new system. Please consult our wiki article on the appropriate ways to make suggestions. Click here to make a suggestion.

Looking for Volunteers! – As the server grows, we’re looking for more volunteers to help edit the wiki, provide redstone inspection service, and work on special projects. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact a member of staff! Volunteers are typically the first to be considered for promotions.

** New ** Helpers

I’m very proud to announce that three of our Veterans have been promoted to Helpers. This is a crucial step in guaranteeing our server longevity as we continue to grow. Our veterans were promoted on friendliness, following rules, attitude, helpfulness, and dedication to our server. Congratulations to DeviantLilja, ChewieBaka, and CapinBOMB! If you are in need of help and JellyPlz or Pointyy are not available, our Helpers can assist! Helpers are trained to help with the following:

  • Rule enforcement
  • Redstone checks
  • Answering server questions
  • Helping if you get stuck at spawn
  • Answer tickets
  • Welcome newbies
  • Help with nether portals

Helpers follow the same procedures as admins. They do not exist to be “summoned” to assist with things that are meant to be processed via Support Tickets.

** New** This Week

Trick or Treat – Go to player warps and trick or treat! 😀 You give one item and take one item from their designated trick or treat area! Learn how you can participate here.

DrPhilsMustache’s Halloween Maze – Phil’s made an awesome maze for us to enjoy this Halloween! Visit the giant pumpkin at spawn to go to the maze! If you complete the maze, there is a special crate at the end with amazing prices such as diamonds, emeralds, and rare crate keys! The maze will close 11.1.17.

Last week for several crates – This is the last week to loot several of our specialy Halloween crates including Sweets, Trickotreat, and the Maze crate! Get ’em while the gettin’ is good!

October Survey – It is your last week to fill out a player satisfaction survey and earn your Looting III book! Fill it out now!