Hey guys! I’ve been working on so much cool new stuff I have wrist strain, hence me putting off the blog post and gazette for a day. But, I think you’re going to forgive me once you see what I have in store! Special thanks to CapinBOMB who has been helping me put all this together, including doing this week’s spawn villager trades (you have her to thank for that awesome gunpowder one!) Without further ado, here is what’s new at Stonewick!

New Schoolhouse

I’m happy to present a very special build that came about with the suggestion of VanillaCupcake and DrPhilsMustache. Our new schoolhouse has a large stage, which you can build on for demonstrations. You can also reserve it by creating a class event to teach players about redstone, building, farming, or any other Minecraft mechanic you can think of! With our new careers, you can even get paid to hold classes!

New Theatre

Sel_2 won the Theatre Design contest a few months ago and has built out new Theatre! Soon, we will have events and special shows there! Swing by and see the beautiful craftsmanship that sel_2 worked hard on! And say hi to Kirk!

Short Story Contest – November 11th Deadline

Leafe is hosting a short story contest that ends November 11th. The story can be whatever you want it to be, just as long as it’s original! First place will receive a trophy, 1 Book of Mending, 1 Shulker box, 1 cleric villager, and 500 coins. – Second place will receive a trophy, 1 Book of Sweeping edge III, 20 books, a stash of fireworks, and 300 coins. – Third place will receive 10 books and 100 coins. For more details, read Leafe’s Thread.

Stop by the library to enjoy the library crate, only available until November 11th!

Fishgiving Build Contest – November 20th Deadline

LuciTiger has teamed up with Jorge Martinez of Toyz Toyz Martinez to bring us the Fishgiving Parade! Design a float solo or with a team of up to 3 people! Your float design must celebrate some aspect of Stonewick. Inspiration examples are things like our stunning architecture, our joyful camaraderie, or our competitive financial market. You must be able to explain how your float celebrates our server. For more details, read LuciTiger’s Thread.

Fishgiving is Upon Us!

Oh what a strange, wonderful ride it’s been! Here on Stonewick, we’re celebrating a very special month of Fishgiving. This is a month of friendship and kinship and most importantly, fish. At spawn, there are plenty of wonderful celebrations happening!

  • Fishgiving Parade at the Boardwalk
  • Fishgiving daily crate
  • Toyz Toyz one time crate
  • Fishgiving Quest – Rewards: $1250, Shulker Box, Trophy, and Specialty Shield
  • Harvest Festival Event
  • Fishing Championship Event
  • Player vendors at the Boardwalk
  • Special Fishgiving Trophies

Introducing Careers, Jobs, and the Employment Center

We have refurbished the old stables to house several of our weekly traders as well as more information about two wonderful new opportunities on our server: Careers and Jobs!

Careers are held by qualified players like redstone inspector and wiki editor, where volunteers get paid by the server for the jobs they do. Careers all benefit the server in some way and they also generate money into our economy. The also retain a volunteer sub-“title” within Discord.

  • Redstone Inspector General – “Government contract work”, to inspect player redstone builds and assist in building. Paid for in coins by admins and free to players. [$50 / $250 / $500]
  • Gazette Reporter – Interview veteran and staff players for our blog, help come up with short/cute stories for our weekly gazette [$25 / $100 / $1000]
  • PvP Organizer – Help come up with great PvP ideas and work with staff and the community to orchestrate arenas and PvP events. [$300 / $1000-$2500]
  • Stonewick Photographer – Collect and submit group pictures of players having fun! [$250 / $500]
  • Welcome Wagon – Collect donations and give welcome packages to new players. [$200]
  • Courier – Delivers items, letters, and gazettes to those who have a subscription. [$75 / $200 / $300]
  • Professor – Teaches in the schoolhouse, plans events and helps players [$150 / $500]

Jobs are projects players can apply to do within a certain amount of time and get paid for it. Jobs are posted in the Employment Center and details are within each of them. They vary greatly and are typically work around spawn. You do not need to be in a career to apply for a job. You just need to follow the instructions for the job posting.

If you are looking to get more involved in our community, this is a wonderful way to start! Don’t forget to hit up the newest daily crate, our Gumball Machine at the Employment center!

Introducing New Helpers & Veterans

Saving the best for last!!!

DrPhilsMustache as our newest Helper! Phil has been always a positive force on our server, always ready to lend a “helping” hand. We feel like this promotion is well deserved and we’re thankful to have his help! Welcome and congratulations, Phil! You’ve earned it!

LuciTiger and Leafe as our newest Veterans! Both of these wonderful players have been active and contributed their own unique spirit to our community. We are so fortunate to have you ladies join our Veteran forces! Congrats!