So, it appears Santa Paws’ Helpers have been so frantic lately, rushing around getting things accomplished that they didn’t have time to check if Doris was on her meds. Turns out, she’s got the Melon Madness! If you’re looking to make some serious bank, better getting to trading at Spawn this week only (trades change on Sunday!)

This is just a little update to let you guys know what we’ve been doing!

  • Advent Calendar – Make sure to stop by every day to check it out! It’s in the Residential District and has a new crate every day!
  • Tons of new Christmas decorations at spawn, thanks to our talented Helpers!
  • Donate to Newbies – There is a donation chest in the Community Center for CapnJack’s Welcome Wagon!
  • You CAN get into the SNOWGLOBE! – The warp is at spawn and “once you’ll find it, you’ll just dye”
  • Mini-Melon Madness Festival – Need I say more? Grab your trophies and loot before next week!
  • Dailies, Gifts, and Rewards Crates Have DOUBLED! – Merry Christmas
  • Participating in Secret Santa? this is a perfect opportunity to use the courier system in spawn’s train station to remain anonymous at no charge to you!
  • Christmas Caroling this weekend! (12/10 – 12/12) Don’t Miss OUT!
  • Hooks Books is now across the path from the Post Office, don’t forget to stop by and get a pic with SANTA PAWS! Drop your Christmas wish off!

A personal note ~ You may have noticed our application process has been a wee bit spotty. As many of you know, I had my wisdom teeth taken out and haven’t been working at 100%. If you need assistance, please contact one of my Helpers! Leafe & LuciTiger are coordinating this month’s events. CapinBOMB is working on Nether/Gazette Stuff. And AuxDemon is your contact for any PvP activities. All Helpers are trained to HELP! But, please remember to be respectful and courteous of their time. Their position is a volunteer one and they are under no obligation to fill tickets (that’s still primarily an admin job).