Happy Sunday! It’s me, Jelly, here with your weekly news. No, no, I’m not a gazette reporter, but I’m here to relay important information to your earballs.

Upcoming Events

Group Project – Spawn Subway

Our project being led by Subway Designer Lucitiger and Group Project Managers DrPhilsMustache and SenorMintKiddo is well underway! Players are flocking to donate goods in return for cold hard cash. We have lots of volunteers to dig and build. This is going a LOT faster than I planned, which means I’ll have to start planning another big server project soon because they are obviously very popular! Special thank you to those who are breaking their backs with spreadsheets, counting, and elbow grease to make this all possible!

Dedicated Server Switch

Pointyy and I have always had a grand year long masterplan for Stonewick. We’re actually RIGHT on track with this announcement, but sadly we were forced into making it due to our host having several issues. We have decided to purchase a dedicated server for Stonewick. This means a lot of things.

  • We have contacted the host who now assures us the issue is resolved and are working on a long term solution
  • We will be running the server as it has been running sans some of the affected plugins
  • We are working hard on getting our server on a Dedicated Server (not owned by our current host company) latest ETA is Tuesday
  • We will not have new players, shopkeeper plugins, or heads available for purchase until the Dedicated Server is running
  • Players will be, once again, rolled back to their Dec. 15th balance with one major exception: everyone has been given $10,000.
  • The Dedicated Server means changes late January (mob head drops, shopkeepers back, small map expansion, better ping for overseas people)
  • We will be offering a lot of ways to earn back the money (subway donation rewards and weekly trades)

TL;DR — Server will run better for players overseas. We will have more space to do cooler things. We will have more control over the server. Monthly donation goal will NOT be raised.

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