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Wed Dec 06, 2017 6:50 pm

Devices that DO NOT need approval:

Small auto-smelters (consisting of hoppers and furnaces)
Small melon/pumpkin/sugarcane/wheat farms with an on/off switch that involve pistons/observer blocks
Small Piston doors/stairs/entrances
Auto-sorters that sort in 6 chests or less
Auto-brewers/smelters that brew 4 stands/furnaces or less
Village breeders consisting of less than 50 villagers
Darkness spawning grinders, provided they have on/off lights
Mob grinders provided they have on/off lights and enough room for the mobs to comply with the 2:1 rule (no mob cramming)

Devices that DO need approval:

Small animal grinders (redstone cow/pig/chicken farm)
Large scale auto-farms
Auto-mob breeder/harvester
Large scale food farms with piston or observer blocks
Auto-sorters/smelters bigger than 6 chests
Auto-brewers bigger than 4 stands
Iron farms
When in doubt, ask!


Post here with your project and project coords to have an inspector help!
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Tue Jan 09, 2018 11:31 pm

I apologize ahead of time because I'd posted my request in the wrong thread! I'm not sure if I've already been inspected or not -- if I have then I am deeply sorry for wasting a comment. Thank you all for your patience and kindness!

I have a charcoal furnace located: -1295/52/20

It's a small furnace consisting of several hoppers, a furnace, and some dispensers!

With gratitude,

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Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:12 am

I haven't built this project on Stonewick for you to physically inspect because it might be wildly illegal and I'd rather ask first. I want to build an elytra launcher that uses about 100 boats in a 1 block space (which I know is too much) but the caveat is that once you use the launcher, all of the boats break and are collected into hoppers and chests. Would this be acceptable since the boats don't sit there all of the time, but rather for about 5 seconds? Thank you, kind redstone inspector. :)

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