Battle of the Lighthouses (Build Competition)

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Sun Jan 07, 2018 6:20 am

A fog has fallen over Stonewick. This cold January weather has left our harbors dangerous and we need a guiding light to cut through the screen. This is a call for all abled bodied Stonewickians to grab their axes and build the best lighthouse your mind can fathom. Aye, grab your picks and help Stonewick's sailors and pirates find their way home!

Goal: Build a beautiful Lighthouse before January 25th Midnight (CST)

Submit: Upload two pictures to and PM to LuciTiger via Discord or the forum.


1. Do not share your pictures publicly. We want to keep the voting process as anonymous as possible.
2. Your lighthouse must be on the Stonewick SMP server (built in survival).
3. You can only submit TWO photos. Don't bombard Luci.
4. Lighthouses already built before this announcement CAN be submitted.
5. One submission per player.
6. EDIT: ONLY VANILLA PICTURES WILL BE ACCEPTED. Please do not use shaders - we want a level playing field!


(First Place)
A doublechest full of sea lanterns, redstone lanterns, and glowstone.

(Second Place)

(Third Place)
Stonewick's Resident Leslie Knope

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