"Group Therapy" Co-Op Bloodlands Event - No PvP

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When it Happens

January 7th @ 6 PM CST

How it Works

A group of players gather together to scout and find a location for a base to complete objectives and gather materials for personal use. The goal is to make sure none of your friends die.

For every objective completed, the group earns another reward (under objectives). The clock is ticking and players earn Bonus Rewards for how long they can keep everyone in the group alive.

Basic Steps for Our Goals

1. Find a base and set up your bed
2. Create chests marked with YOUR name to keep items you mine, collect, harvest to bring back into the overworld with you
3. Work together to complete objectives and NOT DIE

The Rules

1. No PvP, we work as a group!
2. No raiding chests
3. Work together!
4. Voice mic chat is mandatory
5. You can ONLY bring the following supplies. Your shulkers MUST BE EMPTY: Armor, weapons, tools, gold apples, blaze rods, ghast tears, netherwart, soul sand, and gold/notch apples. NO ENDERCHESTS.
6. If a player dies, the rewards are not achieved. However, the event will continue and you will be able to keep all resources you collect.
7. Non-participating players cannot hunt participating players.

You will be disqualified if:

* You bring items NOT listed above in your inventory, shulker, or enderchest
* You run off from the group and/or actively try to get yourself or someone else killed



You are not guaranteed to keep your items upon death. Obviously, other players will try to save them. However, this is no promise to you that you will keep items in your inventory (keepinventory is turned off). You HAVE been warned, I won't tolerate raging, whining, or crying if you lose your items! (Don't ruin the game by acting immature.)

Objectives (Completion Rewards are PER PLAYER, meaning if one player complete it the whole group gets awarded.)

Scout for a base - [Completion Reward: 10 stacks of cooked steak]
* Must find an area for a base
* Must have beds for all players
* Must be "safe"

Farming - [Completion Reward: 10 stacks of oak wood]
* Must build a wheat farm
* Must build an oak tree farm (to harvest for wood and apples)

Enchanting - [Completion Reward: 1 stack lapis blocks & 10 stack of bottles o' enchanting]
* Cow farm for books
* Enchantment table
* Full bookcase set for enchantment table

Build an Enderchest - [Completion Reward: 1 Mending Book]
* Gather obsidian
* Get an Enderman eye
> Chest should be placed in a position so everyone can use it at all times.Multiple chests can be made, but do not count to additional rewards. Players who bring an enderchest will be disqualified.

Build a Fortress for our Base - [Completion Reward: 16 Diamond Blocks + 1 unb III book]
* Must be made out of buildable, strong blocks (not sand, sandstone, dirt, or generic cobblestone)
* Should have places to hide and shoot at monsters/other players
* Should have iron doors
* Should be able to house all chests and beds that belong to players

Bonus Rewards

If you go for two hours without a player dying, each player wins the following rewards:

* 1st Place Group Therapy Reward
* Group Therapy Banner & Shield
* 2 silk touch books
* 3 unbreaking III books
* 1 mending books
* $1000 cash money
* 2 shulker boxes
* Half a chest full of rockets
* 1 stack of gold apples
* 32 enchanted "notch" apples
* 6 stacks of bottle o' enchanting
* 32 Diamond Blocks
* 1 wither skull

If you go for one hours without a player dying, each player wins the following rewards:

* 2nd Place Group Therapy Reward
* Group Therapy Banner
* 1 silk touch books
* 2 unbreaking III books
* $1000 cash money
* 1 shulker boxes
* Half a chest full of rockets
* 1 stack of gold apples
* 16 enchanted "notch" apples
* 3 stacks of bottle o' enchanting

If you go for thirty minutes without a player dying, each player wins the following rewards:

* 3rd Place Group Therapy Reward
* 1 unbreaking III book
* $800 cash money
* Half a chest full of rockets
* 1 stack of gold apples
* 2 stacks of bottle o' enchanting
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Omg I am so psyched for this!!!

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I cannot wait for this! Guess I should buy a new mic.

Is there a limit for the team size?

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I am Pumped! lets goooooo

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