Snowman Building Contest!

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When: Sunday, December 17 12:01AM-11:59PM CST.

Where: Special snowman build plots - across from the gingerbread house, on the frozen river by the fishing hut. Look for the giant snowman!


  • You may work alone, or in a team of people.
  • Enter by claiming a build area and changing the sign to list the name(s) of the participant(s).EDIT: You'll be able to claim a build spot the day of the contest :)
  • On 12/17 BRING YOUR OWN MATERIALS and start building! You can use whatever you like - wool, snow, quartz, concrete, gold, whatever you have on hand!
  • To keep things fair for everyone in all time zones, do NOT start building before the 17th. Any builds found before the 17th will be torn down.
  • Be creative! You can make a traditional snowman, but maybe you'll build a snow dog, or a snow Jelly!
  • Entries will be judged via voting on the forums.
Prizes (per team member):
First place will receive $2000, a special trophy, a Frost Walker II book, a stack of packed ice, and a shulker box full of snowballs!
Second place will receive $1000, a special trophy, a Projectile Protection IV book, and a half stack of packed ice.
Third place will receive $500, a special trophy, and a quarter stack of packed ice.
All participants will receive a contest banner.

So mark your calendars and start gathering materials for Sunday, December 17th! See you there!

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