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Fri Dec 15, 2017 6:39 pm

I'll try to keep it all short, but I started playing MC on November 5th and here's a brief rundown of what I've done and what I've learned.

November 5th - Spent maybe 90 minutes doing the player tour. Had to ask for help in how to get into a mine cart. Head was spinning as there was SO MUCH STUFF. Also, took donations from the church. 1 donation was glowing and looked cool. It was the iron pants with Mending and Curse of Binding on it.

November 6th - Load up Dynmap and Venture into the wild (North Portal FTW). Find a good spot 200 blocks away and set up shop. Get killed at least 10 times from Skeletons.

November 7th - Build my first house (now demolished) and a second house (also demolished). Use a furnace for the first time, making Stone Brick. Didn't know I could make multiple furnaces to speed up the process, so spent a lot of time staring at the furnace.

November 8th - Someone asked if I've applied for a warp. Proceed to go cross-eyed trying to understand what they are talking about. Duality and Phil help me out and show me what to do. Get warp done and visit spawn for the first time since my player tour. Proceed to get lost for 3 hours. Visit the sand pit and dig some sand. Read the signs that say "DO NOT HIT THIS BUTTON UNLESS GRAVEL/CLAY IS COMPLETELY GONE). I see that it doesn't say anything about the Sand pit though so I hit the button. Get chewed out by Jelly 15 seconds later. Cry.

November 10th - Dig an underground tunnel connecting my 2 houses. Thought it was real cool and clever.

November 11th - Venture into my tunnel, proceed to get killed repeatedly since I didn't use enough torches and kept getting trapped by creepers and skellys.

November 12th - Made 2 more furnaces, started smelting cobble into stone and turning into Stone Brick for my castle.

November 13th - Lay the base work for my castle.

November 14th - Continue work on my castle. Didn't know about holding shift to crouch so proceed to fall to my death numerous times. Phil and Capin keep telling me to use a pail. I didn't understand how climbing into a pail would save me.

November 15th - Finish the castle along with details on the outside.

November 16th - Dig moat and started using water. Very confusing process.

November 17th - November 19th - Make a 3rd house and a mini tower for practice. Continue to collect materials. Mined about 50 diamonds. Make diamond pants, but couldn't put them on due to my mending/CoB iron pants. Don't say anything as I'm bound to figure out what the problem is. Make my first redstone trap door entrance to my warehouse.

November 20th - Visit Duality's base. Gives me a TON of help in understanding what's going on. I ask her what Kits are and she proceeds to take me to all of the kits and shows me what to do. Stunned that I could have been getting free gifts for weeks and had no idea.

November 21st - Begin work on an organized farm. Plant carrots, potatos, and wheat. Also collected cows, chickens, and sheep.

November 22nd - Spend 5 hours trying to find a pig. No success. Begin Parkour challange at the faire. Fail 150 times.

November 23rd - Attempt Parkour challenge again, make it to the last jump 5 times and failed. Gave up for a bit and demolished my first 2 houses at my base. Built a better house (where my warp sign is) and the church.

November 24th - Succeed at Parkour and got slime blocks. Buy every head at the faire. Begin work on the North wall.

Novemebr 25th - Finish building North wall. Attempt to find a pig again for 3 hours. Find a pig and realize I didn't have a carrot or potato. Cry. Go back to base and grab a carrot. Go back out to wilderness to find pig. Find the pig. Almost back to my base and get blown up by creeper. Cry. Go back out and get the pig. Get him into pen. Realize I need another to breed them since Pigs are not Asexual. Cry.

November 26 - Try to find 2nd pig. No success. Begin work on first original work, the Barracks. Lay the ground work down. Start building up. Realize my dimensions are off, but can't figure out how to fix it. Cry. Said screw it and just kept building hoping no one notices.

November 28th - Finish the barracks. Can't stop looking at my mistakes. Begin collecting a ton of wood and start building LumberMill. Much smoother process and made it almost perfect. Don't like the look of the water wheel so Dal comes to visit and offers suggestions. Followed her advice and water wheel looks much better.

November 29th - Low on materials so spend the whole day mining. Being cheap, I make 6 stone pickaxes and bring 1 shulker and collect as much stone and ore as I can. Pickaxes break in 10 minutes each and haven't even filled up my shulker with anything. Go back out with 10 stone pick axes. Collect more materials, but all axes break quickly. Wonder if there is a better way to do this.

November 30th - thanksgiving. Begin working on 3 story mansion/tavern.

December 1st- Collect my first horse. Collect my 2nd horse. Find Llamas, but don't have leads. Go back to base, grab leads, get the llamas, put them with the cows. Attempt to kill cow for meat and strike Llama. Llama attacks me so I kill it. Feel bad for awhile. Finish building mansion/tavern.

December 2nd - Visit IllBeBlock. 1 noob helping another noob makes for a funny time. Get him situated on Block Island.

December 3rd - Begin hunt for secret warp to snow globe. Look all over Phil and Dal's dye shops. Find nothing. Cry.

December 4th - Set up my first shop in the mall. Do it wrong and have all boxes set to sell. Proceed to lose all my money from people selling me stuff I didn't need.

December 5th - Catch the melon madness. Jump for joy as i make back all my money in under 2 hours. Visit enderman farm with Diamond Pickaxe and Diamond Axe. Enchant and get Eff4, Fort3, and UNb3 on both. Add mending to both. Test out my new tools and my entire life changed forever.

December 6th - Decide to start enchanting books. Go to enderman farm and realize I didn't bring any Lapis. Cry. Go back home, get Lapis, realize I didn't bring any food. Starve to death in enderman farm. Cry.

December 7th - December 10th - All Melon Madness. Also FINALLY REMOVE MY PANTS!!!!!!!111

December 11th - Have melon withdrawels and begin to sweat and shake in the fetal position. Spend most of the night searching for the Country Club. I find it plus the Black Market. Apply for Country Club membership.

December 12th -14th - Start building town hall.

Can add in more detail later. Some of the dates might be slightly off, but I'll try to keep this going

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Sat Dec 16, 2017 7:31 pm

December 15th - dnp
December 16th - continue work on town hall. Start cleaning up and plan a redesign of farm and area around lumber mill for use of public farm and public tree farm.

Contemplating demolishing the barracks. Maybe redesign into a market?

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Tue Dec 19, 2017 2:43 pm

December 17 - Minimal playtime. Went to enderman farm and mended weapons, tools, and enchanted about 50 books. Boring day.

December 18 - Felt very inspired to continue work on my Town Hall. Spent about 20 minutes on it and got bored, spent the rest of the night in Thebes working on the quest.

If you haven't started or tried the Thebes quest yet, it's REALLY GOOD and challenging! It reminds me of the old point and click adventure games from the 90s! Very fun and very clever! Hoping to complete this tonight.

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