Auction: Player Base #1

The Auction House is used to auction expensive or rare items that you're trying to drive prices up for. These items can be expensive enchanted items, rare trophies, or decorative heads.
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Sun Jan 21, 2018 10:05 pm


Hey guys, every two weeks we will be auctioning off a different player's base (those who have moved on from the server). This auction will include everything on the base (materials, buildings, animals, chests, etc).

First base that will be auctioned off is MobiusVsGame. You can find the warp to the base at the auction house (there is a warp at the base back to the auction house).

You SHOULD NOT be able to see what's inside any chests/building until the auction is over. All doors should be closed and no chests should be opened(should all be protected).

Auctions will start at $100 and last 2 weeks.

For this auction:

Start date: 01/21/2018
End date: 02/04/2018 4pm CST
Starting bid: $100

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