What questions can I post here?

A place to ask any questions about plugins, Stonewick, or anything you need answers to!
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Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:05 pm

You can post all the questions! While it may be easier to ask questions in chat, sometimes the best and clearest response can come via the forum! Especially if you have a questions better to be answered by helpers and admins.

>> Where can I learn more about Spawn?

We have a detailed map and write-up about key locations by our very own SweaterGoat found here.

>> Who should I speak to about <insert issue>?

You can see here which helpers are assigned to special task, along with which admin you may need to contact. Most often times than not, you'll be directed to fill out a Support Ticket. Support Tickets are the easiest way we can stay organized to make sure everyone gets equal attention and we don't have issues that fall through the cracks. Support Tickets are also important so we can schedule our admin time vs. game time as it's equally important that your admins and helpers also play MC survival without having to "work". This helps us run into issues and bugs you may also run into so we know how frustrating they are first hand to fix them!

>> I need a warp/shop/plot etc, how do I go about this?

You'll need to fill out a Support Ticket!

>> Where can I learn more about the server before I post a thread?

We have a comprehensive FAQ page on our website that we are super proud of! It's like a magic genie!