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Sun Dec 24, 2017 5:51 am

Are you looking for a new trophy room? Does your home need a makeover? Is your town lacking something? Did your wife decorate the house and you need a mancave?

WELCOME TO RxFairy's Pills and Thrills, a unique Stonewick interior design experience.

We offer interior and (some) exterior design and consulting for your next big project. Quotes given based on design complexity, size of area, and cost of materials. If you have your own materials, RxFairy will work with you to keep costs low and give you the space you've always wanted. We can do modern, rustic, cozy, among other designs.

To view some samples of the design work, please visit: https://imgur.com/a/ULx6I

To request a quote, please message RxFairy on Discord (@RxFairy#7726) with the following form filled out
  • What is the space you are wanting finishing touches on?
  • Approximately how large is the space?
  • What is the concept or inspiration you are going for?
  • What are your favorite colors?
  • What blocks would be required to use?
  • Are there any blocks that absolutely cannot be used?
  • Do you have pictures of the space or of inspiration?
Note: This is an advertisement for a business service. All services are nonrefundable. Prices start at $1000 and include quote. If you should require a "concept design photo" to view prior to work starting, there is a flat rate of $500 added per concept design to the final cost. Unless all materials are supplied by you, price will include cost of materials. Turnaround time is at least 72 hours because I'm busy. :P
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Sun Dec 24, 2017 6:13 am

Fairy's first StoneYelp review by Thrillshire:

I posted a couple weeks ago about someone coming in to decorate the interior of my tavern/inn. Fairy stepped up and said she was interested. Little did I know she was also my SS and gave me the absolute best SS gift ever! I, like some others on here are not good at decorating. We can build, build, build, but when it comes to the inside of a place, we draw a blank, give up, and start a new build. That's where Fairy comes in.

Here are some before and after Screenshots.

1st floor/Entry -

Before Pic: https://imgur.com/w6SmvmO
After Pic: https://imgur.com/xv3K84z - With Servo and Fairy :)

2nd Floor -

Before Pic: https://imgur.com/JnGv8Ag
After Pic: https://imgur.com/H0aXUys

3rd Floor - Had no idea what I was going to put up here

Before Pic: https://imgur.com/5iPuqID
After Pic (now an office!): https://imgur.com/zpVP4F4
Pic from my desk chair with Spawn map as I plot my overthrow of Spawn when Jelly turns Spawn into Lambeau Field for the Super Bowl: https://imgur.com/QHQ7t9d

And the finale! This is what put this over the top!

Basement: She asked for permission to dig out the bottom of the basement, I had no idea why until I saw and it blew my mind she came up with this!

Before Pic: https://imgur.com/SbCGTWl
Now transformed into a mancave! - https://imgur.com/meucnH7 (with Capin leading a secret meeting)
Pic from the Bar: https://imgur.com/Av9WSYh

And she added a beer cave under the stairs: https://imgur.com/7qKvi2f

Fairy didn't just decorate, she asked me questions on favorite color, what theme I was going for, is there any "lore" to the house, etc... She put a ton of thought into this and made it unique and special. You are more than welcome to visit the house to see for yourself. My warp is B19 and the house is the big tall one across from the castle/cow pen.

I highly recommend Fairy for your interior decorating needs! She will make transform your house, shop, etc... into something unique, special, and customized to what you feel like you never could do.

5/5 10/10, 100/100. Her services are well worth every penny!

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Sun Dec 24, 2017 6:20 am

Also she left me the finest Stonewick brew made by CaptainJack himself in my Beer cave! What a nice touch

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Sun Dec 24, 2017 3:11 pm

Suggesting a rebranding to " Pills and Frills "

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