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Sun Nov 19, 2017 5:02 am

I'm looking for players who want to earn a bunch of money doing simple things like harvesting and replanting. I have a rather large, 2-story, farm that I need harvested every so often. The pay is as follows: $500 for carrots, $500 for potatoes, $250 for sugar cane, and $500 for wheat. There's an additional $250 in it if you hit up the one under the stairs. That's $2000! Just for for doing something simple. Storage chest provided to store your items while you are there, as well as tools provided for harvesting and storage for all collected resources. Hmu on here, in game, or on discord if you are interested. I have to /trust you for you to be able to harvest,

Warp is in Bouncy, Mailbox #27

Requirements for harvesting:

- YOU MUST use the fortune 3 pickaxe on the wall for harvesting potatoes and carrots. This is to increase the yield so I don't feel like I'm wasting money.

- DO NOT use the fortune 3 pickaxe for wheat or sugar cane, unless YOU need the extra seeds from the wheat, because I do not. Also, its does nothing for sugar cane.

- Hoe is provided, please fix any mistakes you make or see.

- Poisonous Potatoes go in the double chest.
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