Congratulations to CapinBomb for winning the Community Award!

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Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:25 am

The Community Award is given to players who demonstrate exceptional friendliness and community that contribute to the server.

Today we celebrate CapinBomb, who was nominated by MULTIPLE players! Here's what they had to say about her:

"Always helpful when online. Super positive all the time. Is currently contributing to a server event (SEEKRIT). Everyone knows who Capin is. When I was new to the server, she helped me along my way and taught me everything I know about concrete."

"She has access to the bone zone She basically "bone funded" the town of efforton"

"Always greeting people on join. Being helpful and polite. Very active in the chat to keep the community social. Capin has been very active when it comes to player-shop-economy. Trying to ask often what people want to sell/buy and then try to adapt to it. Seen her doing this to help new players get a boost on their economy. Also giving away some very nice enchanted weapons to new people on the server!"

"Capin has been friendly to all new players and has been very active helping to improve the community. I once asked where I could find a blaze spawner, and Capin took the time to take me all the way through the nether to show me a blaze spawner."

"Shes cool Getting Aux and I bones"
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