Fishgiving Build Contest!

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Fishgiving is almost upon us!

It’s nearly time for fish, frivolity, and of course, the annual
Toyz Toyz Martinez Fishgiving Parade!™

Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to design this year’s entry for the Stonewick parade float.

Contest Details:
  • Your float design must celebrate some aspect of Stonewick. Inspiration examples are things like our stunning architecture, our joyful camaraderie, or our competitive financial market. You must be able to explain how your float celebrates our server.
  • You can work solo, or in teams of up to three people.
  • Entries will be built ON THE SERVER. Build plot locations are at spawn, at the boardwalk. One build plot per team.
  • To claim a contest build plot, visit the boardwalk and claim a float. Make sure you put your name on it with a sign. One float per person/team.
  • The contest ENDS at 12:00 AM CST on 11/26/2017. Plan wisely!
  • First place winner(s) will receive a trophy, $1000 per person in team, a Frost Walker II book, a fish feast (fish and inks!), 32 sponges, single chest of water breathing potions, and a 25-emerald Gift Card to Toyz Toyz Martinez!
  • Second place winner(s) will receive a trophy, $500, a Depth Strider III book, and a 10-emerald Gift Card to Toyz Toyz Martinez!
  • All participants will receive a contest banner.

Good luck, and may the spirit of Fishgiving inspire you!

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