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Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:43 pm

Six brave souls decided to tackle the deep ocean and tame a temple. After countless wet and sandy sponges plus too many hours getting zapped by guardians, the area was in the dry and the easy work could begin. The design is simple and has an on off switch which we would like to be used when you enter and leave the farm as to keep the mob cap in check for the rest of the server.

The farm is accessed by tunnel or guided elytra path located at the end of my nether tunnel (as it was the closest one) located in the west wing of the hub. The Portal drops you off on a villager island but its a quick swim or boat ride to the farm.

Thanks to Mr. Fairy, Mrs.SMK, DrPhilsmustache, DRDaffodil and SweaterGoat for all working on the farm. We did it as a team and speaking for the rest, are glad to see it be used for the server instead of staying semi dormant!

Tips and Tricks!

- The tunnel to get there uses food quickly when you sprint/spam jump so carry some grub!
- When arriving turn the farm on via the button. The stairwell to the killing chamber is located to the right side of the ladder via a staircase.
- There is a water pusher button to the right wall when you enter the killing room so turn that on if you don't see water on the hoppers.
- Stand in between the fence posts and lock yourself in with the trap doors and swing away through the gap.
- They do not spawn instantly nor as fast as Enderman so be patient!
- Also with natural thorns, guardians deal damage so make sure you watch your health and hunger to not die. A bed has been provided to set spawn just in case.
- I think that's it really. Any questions just ask someone. Enjoy!

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Wed Jan 10, 2018 9:01 pm

Well done to all of you. I've never touched a guardian monument and wouldn't know where to start so thank you for providing this for the community.
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